Men need to equally take care of their oral health if they want their teeth and smiles to remain intact. However, research has shown that men tend to take their oral health in a very light manner. They often neglect their oral health concern for years on end before they suddenly flare up and can’t be left unaddressed any longer.  

Men do not brush their teeth after every meal that they have and therefore, more likely to develop serious problems such as gum diseases and tooth loss.

Recent studies have gone on to establish a clear cut link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, men with swollen and bleeding gums, loose teeth must ensure that they take enough measures with their health.

Some things make men more prone to teeth concerns and therefore the only way out for them is extra special oral health care.


Certain medications such as high blood pressure and antidepressants used over a long term cause your mouth to dry up and this reduces the saliva flowing though. This allows the bacteria to thrive and create cavities and gum concerns.

In order to stop your mouth from drying up one could have more water or chew gum regularly which will ensure that you have enough saliva in your mouth.

Avoid harmful substances as alcohol, caffeine and soda. Smoking and overly salty food will also dry out your mouth.

Using a mouthwash is a good idea but make sure that you use one with no alcohol in it. This will allow the saliva to flow in your mouth without any hindrance and protect your teeth and gum.

Use of Tobacco

Smoking and tobacco ensures that you have higher chances of gum disease and even oral cancer. Men are more likely to get addicted to these products and thereby neglect their oral health.

Men who use tobacco and smoke must ensure that they maintain stringent oral health regime. Also, they must visit the dentist regularly to ascertain whether they have any starting of any concern and then these can be tapped at the root.

Regular cleaning of the teeth by a dentist makes sure that the mouth is left healthy.

Men who participate in sports are more likely to have trauma and hurt their mouths resulting in loss of teeth. Therefore, they must wear a mudguard and use appliances that protect their mouth portion. Men while riding bikes must wear a helmet.

Men must ensure that they do not neglect their teeth and oral health. They must brush their teeth as frequently as possible. The toothbrush that they use must be the right kind. The toothbrush must be replaced as soon as you see the bristles appear frayed or every three months. It is necessary to floss your teeth using the right techniques and methods.

Lastly, do not hesitate to visit a dentist. You must schedule a visit to the dentist at least once a year for regular cleaning and examination of your teeth.

Why is Oral Health Important for Men

It is important for men to take care of their oral health just as much as it is for women. However, a recent survey that was conducted showcased that men are more likely than women to succumb to oral dental care diseases such as gum disease and cavities.

You might not realize it immediately but if you allow tartar to build up on your teeth this might result in the buildup of bacteria and this in turn might cause other diseases that are linked to gum diseases such as cardiovascular and diabetes. Therefore, the moment you find your gums bleeding, teeth loosening or separating you must get yourself to the dentist so that you are able to rule out other major health concerns.

When men are on medication, such as those for high blood pressure, heart diseases and anti-depressants, it can cause them dry mouth syndrome. This is because the medications hamper the production of saliva. This a grave risk as this helps the bacteria to thrive in your mouth causing greater harm in the form of more likelihood of cavities and gum disease.

Also, when men use more of nicotine, alcohol and caffeine in their daily lives along with chewing of tobacco they further add to the risk of oral cancers and oral health diseases. If you are a man and fall in to any of the above categories, then you must make it a point to see your dentist regularly.

Men and sports go together however sports can harm your teeth. There is more of a chance of you getting injured in the sports that men love to play such as cricket, football and baseball. In order to safeguard you wear a mouth guard and see a dentist at any sign of an injury.

Moreover, when you go for an interview or business meeting it is imperative that you look your very best. Your smile is the very first thing that people see and notice about you. If you are looking for a better job or career prospects then you must have your teeth all in a row and looking as white as white can be. People do tend to have perceptions and they consider a man who can take good care of his teeth and health someone who would be able to handle the job or business with élan.

A man’s overall appearance will certainly affect the amount of their earning potential. This is all the more reason that men start taking good care of their oral health.

There are some measures that men can take regularly to ensure that their teeth remain in top condition.

They must brush regularly, preferably after every meal they eat.

They should have a good enough tooth brush and flossing equipment.

Regular visits to the dentists will save them a lot of hassle and trauma later on.

If men were to adopt these simple and yet extremely effective habits they will be assured of a life time’s guarantee for teeth.

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