Most patients and doctors have been trying to answer this question in the hopes of finding solutions to anxiety problems when it comes to dental care. Because use it is known to have therapeutic properties, dentists has begun to explore the possibility of using music to help the patients relax and become more susceptible to the operation.

If the patient listens to music while under a major procedure, his defenses would be down and the doctors will be able to perform the procedure without causing any pain to the patient. However, if there is indeed a certain amount of pain, the singing to music will make sure that it will dissipate and lessen over time.

Music will help the patient relax and therefore forget all the worries that a dental procedure might give. On the web, you can find downloadable music that is specially designed for relaxation and stress relief. This will definitely fit the need for relaxing music for dental patients who are fearful of medical operations.

This is what is known as music therapy in the medical world. Music therapy can be done not just to help you relax during an operation of all throughout your day. You can still undergo music therapy after you have got to the dentist. Helping you to relax during an operation is just one facet of music therapy.

The good thing about music therapy is that you can begin it all throughout your day. You can start listening to music when you wake up in the morning and continue it as you go to work. This is the advantage of having a portable music player in your pocket like an iPod or a CD player in your office.

Starting your music therapy in the morning will help you relax and fulfill your duties more efficiently throughout your day. If you have a dentist appointment therefore, if you had been listening to music prior to this you would be in a chipper mood as you go inside the dentist’s office.

If you were relaxed during the procedure, you would feel less pain even without anesthesia. It is well known that fear paralyzes people and causes tension. If you are able to get rid of your attention prior to a major operation, you will be able to achieve a relaxed state and help you overcome any pain that you may feel.

You must always remember that dental anxiety is psychosomatic and can be overcome by having a clear mind and a happy disposition. If you trust and are confident about the procedure being done on you, you would have nothing to worry about thus lessening the anxiety.

You should have the following to be able to feel relaxed around the dentist’s chair.

Confidence in the Dentist Himself

As stated earlier, if you trust the people who work with you and treating your dental problems, you would be able to feel safe and secure and not feel anxious about any procedures that they made do to you.

Understanding of the Procedure

If you understand the mechanics of the procedure that will be done on you, you will be able to visualize what will happen after the said operation. You can use that visualization to help yourself focus on the positive aspect of the operation and not the pain.

This is what you call psychological conditioning. This procedure coupled with relaxing music will help you get through the operation without any hitch.


As what have been discussed earlier, use it would greatly help you relax and achieve a sense of peace that will take your mind off the pain and fear.

Therefore, the answer to the question is yes. Music can indeed help relieve dental anxiety among patients.

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