Burning Mouth Syndrome is an oral disease characterized by severe pain in the tongue area of the mouth. Usually, the patient who has burning mouth syndrome start out his day without feeling any pain but eventually feel a burning sensation as the day progresses. Some of the symptoms of this disease are as follows.

Prominent Symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome BMS

  1. One most prominent symptom of burning mouth syndrome is gradually increasing pain in the oral area throughout the day. You may start out not feeling any pain when you wake up in the morning. However, as you go through the day you will experience burning sensations in the back of your mouth from your tonsils to your tongue.

  2. Another symptom maybe dry mouth. A dry mouth feeling occurs when there is a mucus problem occurring in your oral cavity. When your mouth feels chapped and dry your taste buds will experience burning sensations because they will have nothing to lubricate them.

  3. Uncharacteristic taste changes are another symptom that you should watch out for. If you feel a bitter and metallic taste in your mouth, chances are you have burning mouth syndrome.

Causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome

This disease is a very common sickness that all people experience. Studies have shown that although men experience this too, it is more prevalent in women. Some of the causes of this disease are as follows.

1.      Hormonal Changes Due to Menopause

This is why the disease mostly affects women. Recent researchers have shown that sudden hormonal changes tend to affect oral conditions of women therefore causing them to have burning mouth syndrome.

2.      Mucus Infection

Damage in the salivary and mucous membranes of the mouth may cause Burning Mouth Syndrome. In addition to this, damaged nerve endings in the tongue can also cause burning mouth.

3.      Loosely Fitted Dentures

Loosely fitted or broken dentures may cause the metal frames to damage the nerve endings of the mouth and therefore ultimately leading to Burning Mouth Syndrome.

4.      Dry Mouth

This can be a symptom and the cause of Burning Mouth Syndrome. This may happen due to diabetes and the intake of many medications that have accumulated over time. Various diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome may also cause this.

5.      The Nutritional Deficiencies

A lack of certain vitamins and minerals may cause this sickness.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the direct cause can never be determined. However, the usual diagnostic procedures can be done to determine if there are any underlying causes of the disease.

This includes blood work, a review of your medical history and allergy testing. Oral swabs can also be done to check if there are any foreign entities in your mouth that may have caused the disease.

Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome

  1. In case no underlying causes have been found for the disease, you will be treated for the painful sensations and other symptoms that may arise during the course of your condition. The doctors will prescribe pain medications and antibiotics for an infection that may result from burning mouth syndrome.

  2. As for menopausal patients, hormonal replacement therapy can be done to alleviate the burning mouth disease. Anti depressants can also be used for treatment. This is to help the patient deal with the emotional turmoil that the sickness will definitely cause him or her.

  3. The patient can also be treated for dry mouth, pain control for nerve damage and any prior conditions that the patient may have. Treating the patient for prior diseases like diabetes or thyroid problems may help alleviate the discomfort that Burning Mouth Syndrome is causing him or her.

This disease is truly a mysterious illness that people should research on so that they would be ready to handle the situation whenever it comes.

Can Anxiety and Depression Lead To Burning Mouth Syndrome

In this article, we will do our best to explain how can anxiety and depression cause burning mouth syndrome. According to earlier diagnosis, one of the major causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome is anxiety and depression among women. Depression itself cannot affect the body physically; it is what the person does in a depressive state that affects the body and cause illnesses like the burning mouth syndrome.

Most depressed people tend to manifest their depression physically through physical acts like teeth grinding, nail biting and excessive use of their teeth. This can lead to burning mouth syndrome such a way that will affect the person’s dental health and the muscles that surround the mouth as well.

This leads to the irritation of the jaw muscles as well as the teeth and therefore will cause extreme pain that is one of the symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome. Having Burning Mouth Syndrome is no laughing matter because it is truly painful and will give you the discomfort for years to come.

The physical pain that you feel may aggravate your depression even more. If this happens, the Burning Mouth Syndrome will eventually get worse as you continue irritating your mouth with physical manifestations like teeth grinding and biting.

How to Treat Depression

  1. In order for you to alleviate the pain caused by Burning Mouth Syndrome, you have to treat your depression first. Find out the root cause of what is happening to you and solve it. If it happens that you have a family problem, try your best to resolve the issue by talking to someone who can help you.

  2. If the problem is about money, do your best to gather enough funds by working hard for it. Depression is the easiest sickness to treat because it is all in the mind. You do not have to take medicine if you feel that you can solve it on your own. Move enhancers and anti depressants are for those who have worse conditions that were caused by depression.

  3. If you are able to treat depression, you may be able to alleviate the pain caused by burning mouth syndrome as well. This is because you will eventually stop the activities that tend to worsen the condition.

Here are some additional physical activities that may aggravate burning mouth syndrome

Poor Oral Hygiene

  1. Bacteria and foreign entities in your mouth may invite even more oral diseases that may lead to burning mouth syndrome. You have to brush your teeth regularly and make sure that the dentist checks your teeth at least every six months.

  2. If you have regular dentist’s appointments, you will be able to have yourself protected against Burning Mouth Syndrome and ask the doctor about the disease.

  3. Loose dentures that may irritate the tongue and mouth as a whole can also cause burning mouth syndrome. If this happens, the patient may experience severe pain that is one of the characteristics of Burning Mouth Syndrome.

Burning Mouth Syndrome is a serious condition that needs attention. However, you should not feel depressed about it to avoid worsening the condition further.


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