It is a well-known fact that hormonal changes affect women in various ways. Some are lucky enough to not have serious illnesses as a result of these changes but a few unfortunate ladies experience various sicknesses during this time. One of the most prominent illnesses that middle aged women experience is the burning mouth syndrome.

This may be because one of evaluated causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome is hormonal imbalance especially among pre-menopausal women. As a woman, you should not mistake symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome for normal pre-menopausal behavior. Here are the symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome as it relates to middle aged women.


Some pre-menopausal women are known to become emotionally erratic because of the hormonal imbalances that they experience during this phase of their lives. You should be aware of your body. You should study how it reacts to certain stimuli in your environment so that you would know how to differentiate the symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome and pre-menopause.

This way, you will not call fall prey to affecting the people around you just because you feel different within yourself. If you are aware of your body, you will know how to handle anything that happens to it.

Anxiety and Depression

Because of the pain and discomfort that burning mouth syndrome might cause the patient, it is normal for him or her to experience depression. The same symptoms may be seen in pre-menopausal women that is why you have to be very aware of your body in your mood swings so that you may not fall into this thinking burning mouth for pre-menopause.

Anti depressants and mood, enhancers can help you deal with this kind of depression. As for depression caused by burning mouth syndrome, a series of medications are also given to the patient to treat the emotional imbalance.

Physical Pain and Discomfort

Pre-menopause can also cause the patient severe pain and discomfort because of muscle spasms within the abdominal region. Burning mouth syndrome pains are of an entirely different nature. It is characterized by pain within the mouth and tongue. Therefore, you should be able to distinguish where the pain is coming from so that you would be able to determine if it is pain caused by pre-menopause or burning mouth syndrome.

Time Duration

Because pre-menopause is only present usually for a short while, the pain and discomfort that the hormonal imbalances may cause you may only be temporary. Burning mouth syndrome pain however can last a long time. This is the main difference between hormonal imbalances caused by pre-menopausal imbalances as opposed to burning mouth syndrome.

Knowing these causes of pain and discomfort as well as the other symptoms related to pre-menopause and burning mouth syndrome may help you deal with the disease at hand. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for Burning Mouth Syndrome yet but eventually science will definitely find a cure.

Burning Mouth Syndrome in middle-aged women should never be taken for granted because it is a serious disease that has to be treated right away. If you feel any pain, do not hesitate to go to your dentist and get some medication and treatment.

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