Alternative dentistry is defined as the process of using alternative medicine such as herbal supplements and vitamins to treat dental problems. The use of alternative dentistry in treating the teeth has been fast growing and gaining popularity all throughout the years. Here are some of the major factors that attract people to alternative dentistry.

The Holistic Approach

In alternative dentistry, dentists view the body as one whole entity. This means that what happens to one body part may be caused by a malfunction in another body part. In connection to dentistry, if there is a problem with your teeth, holistic dentistry views this as something that is due to the malfunctioning of one of your organs.

Through this kind of dentistry, the doctors are able to treat two or more diseases at once because according to the holistic approach if you treat one disease you will treat the other related diseases within the person.

Therefore, if you treat for example, gastrointestinal problems through holistic medicine your dental health will greatly improve as well.

The All-Natural Qualities

Because alternative dentistry focuses on the natural healing properties of plants and vegetables, it stems from a natural resource that is certified to be healthy for you as the patient. In addition to this, if you use alternative dentistry there is a possibility that you would not need to undergo life-threatening operations just a cure your dental problems.

By eating a balanced diet and healthy food, your dental health will soon flourish. The natural sources of vitamins and minerals will help strengthen your teeth so much so that you would not need to go to the dentists that often anymore.


Alternative dentistry is far cheaper than traditional medicine because the brand of medicines that the doctors would use comes from natural sources. Therefore, you would not need to pay as much as opposed to going to traditional dentists who would ask user fees that are very difficult to pay.

Alternative dentistry is truly something that you should consider when it comes to treating your dental problems. It is more centered around the whole mess of your body rather than one aspect which is your mouth. Here are other advantages of undergoing alternative dentistry.

Minimal Danger

There are fewer side effects in alternative dentistry because everything is naturally compounded. The medicine that you will take comes from nature itself and has less chemicals than synthetic medicine.

Definite Results

If you undergo alternative dentistry, you are assured of having definite results. However, it does take awhile before the results are seen but if you are religiously going to follow the doctor’s orders, you will be able to achieve the results that you desire much faster.

With all these advantages alternative medicine truly is going to be something that people appreciate more Because of the many health benefits that it will give the patient as he continues his treatment using alternative medicine.

In connection with dentistry, if you go alternative you will be able to experience the completely new level of treatment. You will have now a feeling of safety and security that you have never felt before because of the possible side effects of your medication.

Herbal Medications vs. Conventional Drugs

Herbal medications or the so-called alternative medicine has been around for ages. Our human ancestors had been known to use plant life to treat and alleviate certain illnesses that affect the human body. However, as time went by human evolution gave rise to the invention of synthetic drugs. Medicinal products that are claiming to have better healing properties than herbs.

The rise of synthetic medication has greatly been utilized by the modern world. However, with everything that is happening in our environment, people are starting to appreciate their health even more. So much so that some patients have foregone the use of synthetic medicine and have considered alternative means.

This is because some of the present diseases that are plaguing our world today cannot be healed by traditional synthetic approach. Some doctors specialize in the holistic approach of healing. They make use of herbs as their form of medication. To further clarify the pros and cons of using each form of healing for our body, here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of using herbal medicine vs. conventional drugs.

Conventional Drugs


  1. Competent scientific researchers have tested conventional drugs or synthetic medicine before releasing them into the market. These drugs have been formulated after a multitude of experimentation and testing.
  2. Doctors who have experience in the medical field usually prescribe conventional drugs. They therefore know if the medication is good for you as the patient or not.
  3. Intake of conventional drugs can be controlled. According to the prescription of the doctor, the patient can control the dosage of the medicine is going to take. Therefore, there is less danger for the patient in terms of overdose.


  1. Conventional drugs may have unwanted side effects. Although it has been tested scientifically, there still may be some aspect of the drug that may affect the health of the patient if not regulated well.
  2. Even with the doctor’s prescription, there is still a tendency for the patient to overdose without supervision. Especially if the medication prescribed, is that of anti depressants. The patient may be tempted to take more than he should specially when he feels depressed and just wants to relax. The same goes for sleeping pills.
  3. Some drugs have harmful effects on the body even when taken as the prescription entails. The body may react differently depending on what kind of drug the person is taking. Narcotic drugs are a perfect example of this.

Herbal Medication


  1. It is all natural and the ingredients and components are made from the earth. This ensures the efficacy and healing capabilities of the medicine.
  2. It is cheaper than synthetic drugs. You can sometimes even get it free because herbal medicine as stated earlier comes from nature and you would not have to pay to be able to take advantage of nature.
  3. It has no virtual side effects even if you take too much of the medicine because it has no added ingredients that may affect the health in general.


  1. Herbal medication has little definite scientific basis. This is because herbal medicines have only been considered to be used in recent years. Therefore, scientific researches about these medications are still young.
  2. The efficacy of herbal medication is not foolproof. Because it indeed has little scientific basis, how effective it can be is usually questioned.
  3. Given this, herbal medications have been proven helpful because it does not only treat the infection as opposed to synthetic medication; it also improves the quality of life of the patient.
  4. Synthetic medication on the other hand tends to limit the activities of the patient because of the medicinal requirements of treatment.

With all these information, it is still best to try to use both ways to treat health issues. Having both herbal and conventional medicine at your side will assure you of greater health in the future.

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