Herbal supplements have been becoming very popular among medical practitioners at present. Traditional doctors have recommended the intake of these drugs. However, it is advisable that when it comes to your dentist, you should always inform the medical professional before hand as to which vitamins and alternative medication you take.

This is because it may affect the overall process of dental treatment. The herbal medications may have unwanted side effects if taken in conjunction with other traditional medicines that are used to treat dental illnesses.

Most dentists do not even believe that herbal lands can be used as alternative treatment for the conditions. Unlike other diseases, some herbal plants like Aloe or ginko biloba may not be able to treat dental diseases particularly.

This is why it is still advisable to tell your dentist if you are currently using alternative sources of medicine for them to be able to diagnose properly. This is not to say that you should stop using herbal medicines to treat your dental problems. You just have to make sure that your dentist knows what medicines you are taking so that he would know how to diagnose and treat to properly.

Other advantages of telling your dentist if you are using herbal supplements are as follows.

  1. They would be able to determine the direct cause of your illness if they know your dental history. Having an open communication with your dentist truly will help you understand why certain medications are prohibited when it comes to your dental health.

  2. Furthermore, no known herb can treat dental illnesses directly at present. This is why some dentists are so adamant about not recommending the use of herbal medicines to treat dental problems as much as possible. Some medicines may aggravate the situation even further if these medicines are taken without supervision.

  3. Dentists should know what you take regularly because everything you ingest affects your oral hygiene and health in general. These medical professionals need the knowledge because they can use them to trace the history of your illness if it arises eventually.

  4. It is understandable that some patients feel hesitant about telling their dentists what they take. This is because as mentioned earlier, most dentists disagree with the use of herbal medicines to treat dental problems.

  5. However, it is imperative for you to have full disclosure about your medical history with your dentist so that he would know how to treat you as the patient. If you do not do this, then you allow yourself to become in danger of medicinal side effects due to unhealthy combinations of medication.

You must always remember the following before deciding to go to the dentist and have treatment.

You must record all our medically related activities.

If this is possible, you should write down everything about your medical history in a notebook or a log so that you would not have difficulty remembering all your important medical details as you relay them to your doctor.

If you do this, you will be able to gain the trust of your dentist and help him determine your illness faster.

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