Contrary to popular belief, a mouth guard is not only reserved for those who continuously play dangerous sports like boxing. As a parent, you should always consider having your child where it is specially if he is into physical be related sports like bike riding, mountain climbing, basketball and the like. Wearing a mouthpiece is important because it will protect his teeth from being damaged in case she experiences accidents during these activities.

Advantages of Using a Mouth Guard

The mouth guards the teeth in such a way that it covers the front and lower teeth with its metal frames so that it will lower the impact of forces that may hit the mouth.

Here are some of the other advantages of using a mouthpiece or mouth guard to help protect your child.

  1. It is advantageous for children with braces to wear because it can prevent dislocation of the braces at any impact and it can protect the jaw and prevent it from ever breaking in case the child encounters a tough surface.

  2. It also prevents the teeth from breaking. This goes for both set of upper and lower teeth.

Types of Mouth Guards

1.       Aside from protection, it also offers comfort for those who are anxious about bumping into other people because they might damage the braces. Presently, you can avail of three types of mouth guards for your children as follows.

2.       The first one is called the stock mouth guards. It is readily available at any sporting goods store and can be bought at an affordable price. The only disadvantage of this mouth guard is that it is very uncomfortable to wear for children and it offers low-level protection. Your child also has to close his jaw most of the time to keep it in place.

3.       Secondly, you can consider a boil and bite mouth guard. This is a mouth guard is made of an elastic material that should be boiled before a child can wear it. It will therefore adjust to the size and shape of the mouth and give the child more comfort and protection.

4.       As a third, option you can consider wearing a custom made mouth guard. This is where the orthodontists and dentists come in. At the recommendation of the dentists, the orthodontists will then make a mouth guard that would suit your needs and specifications according to the exact measurements of your child’s mouth and the condition of his teeth as diagnosed by the dentist.

Caring For Your Mouth Guard

  1. Part of having a mouth guard is maintaining the said instrument. You should follow the steps in order for you to teach your child how to care for his mouth guard properly.

  2.  Remind him to brush his teeth always before wearing a mouth guard. This is to prevent the germs of his mouth from transferring onto the mouth guard.

  3.  Always clean them out that with a special solution that the orthodontists will provide for you. Never let your child clean his mouth guard on his own.

  4.  You should replace the mouth guard immediately if you notice even the minor damages it may get such as bent surfaces, sharpened sides and many more to protect your child from mouth irritation.

  5.  Instill in your child the value of using his own mouth guard. Sharing a mouth guard with other classmates is no option.

  6. These are just some of the things that you should remember in order to guide your child and teach him how to use his mouth guard properly for his own protection.


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