We can ever prevent the kind of accidents that we as people may encounter in our lives, accidents that may damage your teeth in various ways. It may be caused by suddenly biting into something extremely hard or a more serious damage like a broken jaw. Here are some tips on how to be prepared for dental emergencies especially if it involves bleeding.

Know Who to Contact

1.    You have to have your dentist’s home phone number as well as his or her when it number in case you need to have an emergency checked up. Doctors are always on call 24 hours a day so you do not have to worry about disturbing him or her.

2.    If you suddenly find your teeth falling out, it is best to do the following steps in order to save your teeth.

3.    You should do your best to try to find it as soon as possible.

4.    Very gently try to place it back into the side of your mouth to have it protected against various bacteria.

5.    Never attempt to force the teeth into the mouth. This action might damage teeth even further as well as the gums.

6.    If ever it has been dislodged, gently try to put it back to where it was before with your tongue.

7.    If this does not work and you cannot put the fallen teeth back inside your mouth, you should immediately contact your dentist for an appointment.

8.    To store your teeth and preserve it for checking later, you should clean the fall into with running water and place it inside a damp cloth so that the freshness would be preserved.

Extreme Cases

1.    If in case your teeth fall off because of bleeding gums, you should do your best to try to stop the bleeding. Place a cloth over your gums and applied pressure so that you will be able to control the oozing of blood.

2.    If you think that, you have a dislocated jaw it is best to immobilize your head through tying your head with a towel to prevent the job from moving even further.

Causes of Breaking Teeth

There are many reasons why we break our teeth. Here is a list of possible reasons why some people break their teeth unintentionally.

1.      Contact Sports

Playing contact sports is one of the major reasons why some people result in having broken dentures. This is why mouth guards are important to have when you are playing rough sports.

2.      Biting Into Hard Surfaces

In certain situations, biting a surface that is too hard for your teeth will eventually lead to breaking it. You have to avoid crunchy phone if you have sensitive teeth and as well.

3.      Weak gums

That if your gums are weak, they would not be able to hold onto your teeth for too long. You have to strengthen your gums by maintaining a good dental hygiene and brushing your teeth as often as possible.

These are some of the major reasons why teeth then to fall off without people even noticing. To prevent dental emergencies from happening we should always maintain a perfect hygiene when it comes to our teeth.

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