Baby bad breath is something that is not strange for infants. It does happen although it occurs sparingly. Usually, baby bad breath occurs during the mornings where the mouth usually is rested. Because it rests, it does not move a lot. Therefore, the bacteria that cause bad breath may infest the mouth and multiply without inhibition. This happens because there is no saliva to protect the mouth from harmful bacteria that is the root of bad breath.

Here are some of the most helpful tips to cure bad breath for infants.

1.     If the baby does not have teeth yet, it would help to clean his mouth with fresh towels and gently rubbing the remnants of milk and other food items within the gums and mouth. This way, he will not produce bad breath. Aside from this, you should also try to check for any foreign objects within the baby’s mouth or throat. Any foreign object inside the baby’s mouth can cause bad breath for the infant.

2.     In case of foreign object is found, it is best to take the baby to a hospital and have the doctors handle the extraction of the foreign objects from the infant’s throat. This way, you will not cause any more danger to your baby by attempting to get the object out on your own.

3.     On the other hand, if the baby has already developed teeth, it would be advisable to clean the teeth with a soft bristled brush and lightly scrub all the dirt away. In addition to this, it is important to remember to be gentle with your baby at all times so as not to irritate his gums and teeth if he has any.

4.     However, if the bad breath persists with no apparent reason, you should therefore examine his oral habits. Does he tend to suck on objects that have a foul smelling scent? If he does, you should make sure that the object that he fancies is always made clean. This should be done so that he would not imbibe the odor of the object.

5.     Generally speaking, you do not have to worry about him sucking on objects much longer because children tend to grow out of this habit soon enough.

6.     If you have done everything in your power to get rid of the bad breath and still the baby has it, it is best to have the doctor check your baby. Some internal condition may be at work causing the bad breath for your baby.

7.     The doctor will have to check for sinus and tonsil problems that may be the probable cause for baby bad breath. If you already did everything and still the baby has a problem, it is best for the doctors to check on him just to be sure that he is in good health.

With all the technology available today, it provides security and a feeling of safety for all the parents who usually would worry about simple medical conditions like baby bad breath.

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