One of the major causes of gag reflex is as mentioned earlier, fear. If the dentists would help the patient address the fear and overcome it, the patient will feel more relaxed as he undergoes the dental procedure that is necessary for his health.

In addition to this, the doctor can also advise the patient to breathe through his nose. The rating through the nose will help take the pressure away from the mouth and therefore reduce the reflex itself.

Another tip would be to lift one leg and look at it. This will serve as a form of distraction for the patient. If his mind is of the procedure, he will not be so invested and focused on the procedure at hand. Therefore, the gag reflex will also dissipate.

Dentists sometimes used anti decongestants to help facilitate breathing through the nose. This will have the patient relax and be more comfortable when breathing through the nose.

The next tip would be to use nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Laughing gas has a certain element that will help the patient relax and forget that he is at the dentist. Therefore, he will not feel the gag reflex because his mind would be elsewhere.

Gag reflex is all natural phenomenon that happens to all patients and doctors alike. Patients should not be afraid to address his or her concern with the dentists if he feels fear towards the procedure. The dentists would be open and be willing to help you in any way that they can.

This being said, you should have an open communication with your dentist as to all your concerns and fears regarding any kind of procedure that will be done on you. Knowing what kind of procedure it is and how it is done can definitely ease your fears and allow you to resolve the gag reflex issue on your own.

In conclusion, there are only two keys to successfully overcoming the gag reflex. The first one is to relax and not focus on the procedure itself. Your dentist will certainly help you get through the procedure without a hitch.

Secondly, the patient should be open and have a straight dialogue with the dentists regarding his concerns. If this is achieved, then you as the patient will be able to solve the gag reflex and the dentists will surely have an easier time doing all the dental procedures that need to be done on you.

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