Dental implant bone grafting is one of the many state of the art procedures that you can do with your doctor if you want to have your teeth replaced and you still are not sure whether to get dentures or teeth implants. Before getting teeth implants, you have to make sure that your jaw will be able to support your new set of teeth. That is why the doctors conduct a battery of tests first to check if you are perfectly healthy for the procedure. In case the jaw bone has been in an accident and is fractured dental implant bone grafting will help create the necessary support for your teeth as it is placed the inside your mouth.

Three Types of Implants to Use

  1. The doctors can use three types of grafting implants for the procedure. The first one is the up autogenus bone, which refers to the bones taken from different parts of the body like the chin and hip. Human bone structure is easily fixed when you use the same kind of tissue to help repair what has been damaged. The doctors just have to find the right match of tissues to serve the purpose.
  2. The second one is the allograft bone, which refer to bones taken from cadavers and dead bodies that have not been claimed. With the supervision of bone banks, it is easy to harvest and get enough bone mass to cure a patient of their suffering.
  3.  The third one is animal bone. As the name suggests, the bone comes from animals. Cow bone is usually used in this process. Animal bones are usually used as a substitute for human bone because these bones have the same composition as that of humans. The grafted bone will be able to react fast with a cow bone and therefore produce the necessary amount of bone mass for support.

Main Goal

  1. The main goal of the bone grafting procedure is to let the bone tissue reproduce itself around the newly implanted bone in the hopes that the tissues would be stimulated by the presence of the new bone. If this happens, the new bone will be able to adapt to your body and become part of your natural system. If this happens, the bones will help you heal the fractured jaw and therefore fix the teeth of the patient.
  2. t is very important that we know what kind of procedure we can do to the make sure that our teeth stays healthy. Bone grafting is just one of the many procedures that we can consider when experiencing all discomfort with our teeth.


Dental implant bone grafting may take awhile but it is something that will be good for you in the future especially if you are having problems with your teeth and need treatment right away. With dental bone grafting you can live your life as normal as possible. Since it is not a major operation, it can be done at the dentist’s clinic and you will be let out after a few hours.

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