Mouthwashes have been available to all people since the early 20th century. It claims to clean up the remnants of food particles within the mouth after we brush our teeth. However, researchers show that mouthwashes have a certain percentage of alcohol content that may damage to teeth even further if continue to be used.

Furthermore, it only serves to mask odors within the mouth that may be symptomatic of a more adverse condition. This is why it is not very advisable to use mouthwash in place of brushing your teeth or scrubbing your tongue to be able to clean it.

However, if we stop using mouthwash what will be an alternative for cleaning our mouths and making sure that bacteria will not be able to enter the oral cavity?

Here are some tips on how to make an alternative solution for cleaning your oral cavity without harming your dental health even further.


1. You can use a mixed solution of salt and water to serve as your daily mouthwash in place of pure alcohol based products. This is much safer than the over the counter mouthwashes because it has all natural ingredients that you can definitely find in your kitchen.

2. In addition, if you have a toothache, clove leaves can be used to treat the condition. It has a mint flavored taste that the can cool off the teeth. Cool temperatures can relieve pain for the teeth.

3. You can add a few drops of water and one drop of peppermint oil to 1/4tsp of baking soda and rinse in your mouth. Baking soda is a naturally derived way to get rid of bad breath and bacteria.

4. Hydrogen peroxide is another cheap alternative to commercial branded mouthwashes. Simply make a solution using one measure of water to one measure of 3% hydrogen peroxide and swill around in your mouth. Don't swallow - spit the solution out.

5. Brush your teeth regularly to remove all of the excess food particles that may be left in between your teeth. This way you will be able to maintain your oral hygiene without over using your mouthwash.

6. Study the contents of your mouthwash. Make certain that it does not contain much alcohol so as not to damage your oral cavity.

7. A mint-flavored mouthwash is advisable for you to use because of its cooling properties as mentioned earlier. It will help you relieve your tooth of pain especially if you need first aid before going to your dentist.

8. Avoid eating chocolates and other sweets that can cause tooth decay. This is the most basic advice that dentists can give you to help you maintain the perfect set of teeth.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to care for your dental health without much use of the harmful mouthwash. It is very important to know the contents of your mouthwash before using it so that you will not experience untoward incidents that may affect your oral health permanently.

Using a mouthwash is not wrong. You just have to be careful as to which brand to use to ensure the safety of your oral health and physical well being as well. If you become more vigilant as to gather information about the products that you use, you will be more protected against all the dangers that certain chemicals will provide for you and your family. It is better to be safe than sorry as they say.

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