Gingivitis refers to a severe dental condition characterized by the swelling of gums, which can be caused by a severe bacterial infection that eventually affects not only your dental health that your overall physical well being as well. If you do not treat it, right away, you may then subject yourself to more severe conditions like cardiopulmonary diseases as well as other diseases related to your heart. Fortunately, there are ways to treat gingivitis at home. One way is to use marshmallow root. Here are the steps you can take to treat gingivitis with marshmallow root.

  • The first step is to boil a cup of water using a measuring cup. The faster way of doing this is by using the microwave. Place the cup for two minutes inside the machine. After doing so, if the water boils before the allotted time, you can get the cup from the microwave oven and do the next step.
  • The next thing to do is that you must steep the marshmallow root for about ten minutes. This will create a paste like substance that will soothe your mouth and gums entirely. It will act as a cooling agent, which will help ease the swelling of your gums and make the healing process faster.
  • The third step is to strain the marshmallow root and drain the juices out into a plastic bottle. If you do not have a plastic bottle, any old container will do. You just have to make sure to clean it very well before using it. 
  • After doing so, you must let the infusion cool down. You can do this in two ways, to put it in a refrigerator for a few hours or to let it cool down and reached room temperature on its own. The important thing is to let the solution cool down so that you can use it to treat your disease.
  • The use of marshmallow root toothbrushes can also help soothe the aching gums and teeth. These marshmallow brushes have natural implants that can simulate the effects of marshmallow root in conjunction with the infusion.
  • Using the infusion, you can now rinse your mouth and gums with marshmallow root. Doing these, three times a day is recommended until the wound is healed. After some time, you can still rinse your mouth with the solution if the swelling happens again.
Having gingivitis is no laughing matter and something that you should take seriously. However, you should not panic right away if you find yourself inflicted with gingivitis. There are home remedies that you can use such as the marshmallow root to help you treat the condition without going to the hospital right away.
This being said, if any of the home remedies to not work to your advantage, you should not hesitate to go to the hospital right away and get yourself treated by a professional dentist. It is better to be safe than to self medicate and make things worse for you.

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