An oral yeast infection or thrush can be defined as an aberration in your oral cavity that is characterized by small lesions in your mouth and lips that has a creamy discharge. Further examinations will reveal that underneath the lesions would be a reddish cut in the gums. This shows and the condition is worse because the bacterial infection may have spread through the esophagus in other parts of the body.

Major Causes of Oral Yeast Infection

1.    The main cause of oral yeast infection is the Candida fungus, which when implanted inside your mouth this destroys the main tissue of the mouth causing pain and discomfort for the patient. Here are some of the other reasons why you would become susceptible to the Candida fungus.

2.    Enormous amounts of stress can also cause in the immune system to weaken and therefore give the fungus an opening to attack.

3.    In addition to this, medications that may not be in chemistry with your body also can cause oral yeast infection.

4.    The Candida fungus attacks those with a weak immune system. Diabetes and cancer patients as well as HIV positive patients are ultimately prone to this kind of infection.

5.    If left untreated, the infection may spread throughout the oral cavity and reach the esophagus. This will cause you to have the following symptoms regarding oral yeast infection.

  1. Difficulty in swallowing due to the lesions caused by the fungus
  2. A feeling of something being lodged in your throat or chest area.
  3. If the bacteria spreads into the esophagus fever may ensue

These are just some of the symptoms that you may experience if you contract yeast infection. Yeast infection is not only confined to the oral cavity. It may also happen to other parts of the body like the lungs, skin and liver. How can we treat this kind of bacterial infection?

Antifungal medications can be used to treat this kind of condition. However, since this condition may be a symptom of a more serious health state, it is best to have your medical doctor work in congruence with your dentist so that they will be able to diagnose and treat the underlying circumstances that may cause oral yeast infection.


Oral yeast infection can be prevented by doing the following.

1.    Maintaining good oral hygiene: it cannot be reiterated enough to say that brushing your teeth and flossing will help prevent any kind of dental conditions that may harm your health. This is because it prevents bacterial growth within the mouth.

2.    Have regular dental checkups: visiting your dentist regularly will help you monitor the condition of your teeth and gums. It can also help you gain knowledge as to how to protect yourself from yeast infection through medication or other alternative processes. People with diabetes and those wearing dentures should make it a point to keep these appointments.

3.    Avoid consuming yeast based foods: foods like bread and wheat would just add to the growth of yeast and bacterial infection within your mouth.

4.    Quit vices: smoking as well as other vices like drinking will only invite and aggravate the fungi that cause yeast infection.

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  • TAREEQUE, the most common cause of yeast infection is smoking, so if you are a smoker than the first think advised to you is to quit smoking. Increase the intake of citrus foods like oranges, lemons etc. Drink fresh juices several times a day. Do brushing with a soft bristles tooth brush dipped in 3% hydrogen peroxide. Gently brush on the irritated oral site.Do saline water rinses several times a day.

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  • the information is vary good i have yeast infaction but where i am working here no madician avalable.can you write me domastic treatment

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