A person who is sensitive to salicylate can get much comfort if the nature-based acid is quickly removed from his or her diet. The oral cavity can absorb substances very quickly. Therefore, if you reduce the amount of substances to be absorbed by the mouth, we can also eliminate the adverse reaction that the patient may produce.

The internal skin of your mouth has a membrane, which is known as the buccal mucuosa. All this is one of the many areas to quickly absorb broken down nutrients from food. The other areas include the lining under your tongue, the membrane covering the soft palate in the area of directly below the mouth. Foods that you eat our disintegrated right after it reaches those areas and the nutrients that come from the food cart with the distributed to the rest of the body.

Humans depend directly on nutrients that come from food to be able to live. However, there are certain chemicals in the phone with which humans are of allergic to. The chemical salicylate is a plan acid that generally is one of the components of aspirin. Unfortunately, there are certain people who experience and healthy side effects the moment they take in salycilic acid. Some of the most common symptoms of allergic reactions are as follows.

  1. Skin Rashes
  2. Irritations
  3. Stomach Pain
  4. Headaches
  5. Breathing Problems.

Ways to Eliminate Salycilic Absorption from Your Physical Body

1.    First, you can exclude it from your eating habits. You can reduce salicylate containing foods that may cause allergic reactions.

2.    Avoid skin products that contain salicylic acid. The skin can quickly absorb the chemical, which might affect your body’s composition in an adverse way.

3.    Dental products usually have salicylate so choosing dental products without the chemical can provide comfort and relief for you as the patient.

4.    If you are fond of using dental whitening products like toothpastes, choosing one that is salicylic free will help, counteract the side effects and still provide you with the teeth-whitening agent that you need in order to look good on the outside. Having salicylic free toothpaste will protect you from allergic reactions brought about by the chemical.

5.    Additional products if you will need to maintain a good oral hygiene is a soft bristled brush and toothpaste as well as dental floss. Dental floss will help you reach the innermost surfaces of your teeth and help keep your dental fixtures nice and clean to keep bacteria out. Mouthwash is also important to keep oral bacteria from ever flourishing inside your mouth.

If you are sensitive to salicylate, there are many ways to go around the situation. You can choose to reduce your salicylic intake by using products without the said substance. Many products can help you improve your oral health without endangering your life in the process. You just have to know what specific product to look for when it comes to your very own dental health. It will help to ask your dentist about the situation.

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  • Joerg Fischer

    Joerg Fischer 29 - June - 2011, at 13:36 PM

  • Can you give me a hint where to go for Salicylate free toothpaste

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