Having clean and shiny teeth as well as a fresh smelling breath all make up a person’s beautiful smile. The concept of Ayurveda believes in three doshas or spiritual energy. This spiritual energy will guide a person towards greater health. These are 1.Vaata 2. Pitta 3. Kapha. Kapha dosha can be found within the oral cavity. Therefore, it is imperative to take care of your mouth so as not to disturb the balance of kapha dosha. If you gain problems with keeping the balance of kapha dosha within your mouth, dental problems are sure to ensue.

The Major Reasons behind Teeth Problems

  1. Excessive food particles within the mouth

  2. The growth of bacterial infection such as tartar, halitosis and many more

  3. Unwanted food particles in between the teeth

  4. Poor oral hygiene

  5. Damage in the Jaw-bone structure

  6. Intake of acidic substances such as soft drinks, concentrated juices and many more.

  7. These can cause some major dental problems if not taken in moderation. You will have to go to the dentist to be able to determine and pinpoint the cause behind the teeth problems in order to avoid major dental issues.

Some General Tips on Dental Care

  1. It is significant to brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day, after every meal. Taking vitamins and minerals for your teeth is also truly helpful in terms of making the foundation of your teeth strong and healthy. In addition to this, you can use homemade mouthwashes from herbal plants to supplement the chemical based mouthwash that you usually use for the teeth. If you use homemade remedies for your teeth, you will be able to protect your dentures from incurring further damage from alcohol based mouthwashes.

  2. Using herbal plants like cinnamon, til and clove oil will help prevent tooth decay and tooth ache. For teeth quality improvement, it is best to chew mint or parsley leaves. Garlic cloves will relieve the pain and strengthen the teeth further creating a stronger foundation for the gums.

  3. Bark paste and vinegar can be used to strengthen your teeth together with garlic cloves. Herbal plants and spices can also be used to prevent discoloration from damaging your teeth. Lime mixed with various other spices and herbs like banyan can help whiten the teeth and protected from tooth decay and bacteria.

These are just some of the many dental care tips that you can do in order to have pearly white teeth. Keep in mind that taking care of your dental health is a long run thing and you should never have lapses when it comes to making sure that your teeth is well taken care of. If you do this, you will be able to achieve the whitest teeth a person can ever possibly have.

It is also important to keep the balance of the energies within your body to avoid diseases whether teeth related or otherwise. Having a strong immune system will protect your body from infection in all parts.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Dental Diseases

Ayurveda pertains to as an eastern style of medicine that involves the balance of the spirit with the body and mind. It involves energy points in the body that directly affects the functioning of the whole. There are three points as to which the Ayurveda system is based. These are called doshas.

They are as follows.

  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha                       

These doshas contain energy that when disturbed cause a major imbalance in the body functions. Dental diseases involve an imbalance in the kapha dosha located in the mouth. Here are some of the dental diseases that you may contract if there is an imbalance in the kapha dosha.

  1. Bad breath                                               
  2. Toothache                                                
  3. Tooth decay
  4. Bleeding gums
  5. Yellow teeth

Fortunately, the Ayurvedic system has a long list of herbal remedies for the above said conditions. Here are some of those herbal remedies that you can use to treat your dental problems as they come. These are the following.


Turmeric can not only be used in spicing up your dishes as well as coloring food, it can also help solve dental problems. You just have to mix a quarter of a teaspoon of the turmeric with oil from mustard. After this, you can now apply the solution to the infected tooth. It can help treat gum problems as well as tooth decay and toothaches. It is truly a remarkable remedy for simple dental problems. The turmeric can be used as a powder to help heal toothaches and pains.


The Neem Tree can be used as a whitening agent for teeth. The toys from the tree can be used as toothbrushes, oils can be used as facial washes and the sap has antiseptic properties that can help kill microorganisms that may cause bacterial infection on the teeth.


Cloves can help deal with dental problems because of its anti bacterial properties that can get rid of all the microbes that may infect the mouth and cause diseases. The oil from the clove when applied to an infected tooth can also ease the pain of toothache. You just have to mix it with zinc oxide for it to work as a paste.

Vitamin C is also helpful in combating dental diseases because it strengthens the teeth in such a way that it can protect itself from bacterial attacks and have added strength to handle the pressure of chewing crunchy food that usually can wear teeth down.

These are just some of the herbal remedies that Ayurvedic medicine can offer any patient. It is important to also consider alternative medicine as an option for curing diseases because most of the time it just takes a little faith for you to be healed.

Ayurvedic medicine is the perfect example of this. It deals with the body as a whole together with the spiritual side of healing. You can trust that if you undergo Ayurvedic healing, you will be able to experience another effective mode of healing.

Dental Diseases where Ayurveda is helpful

Ayurveda, the concept believes in three energy centers or doshas. These are the vata, pitta and kapha. The Ayurvedic concept views diseases as energetic imbalance that therefore causes severe pain to the patient. It is also believed that the mouth is the center of the kapha dosha. Therefore, it should be well taken care of. Here are some of the many dental diseases linked to kapha dosha.

  1. Halitosis/Bad breath
  2. Teeth discoloration
  3. Tooth decay
  4. Loose teeth
  5. Gum bleeding
  6. Aching teeth

If we want to solve these problems, we must know how to deal with these kinds of dental situations.

Halitosis/Bad Breath

It is important to keep your oral hygiene up to standard. A mixture of lemon and water can help with the condition as well. Fresh guava can also help with the condition. Eating fresh fruits can definitely make a difference when it comes to securing your dental hygiene.

Discolored Teeth

The mixture of salt and a piece of lime can help soothe discolored teeth. You just have to apply the mixture onto your teeth and let it stay for a few minutes. A mixture of herbs like neem, alum and many others in powdered form can also help ease a discoloration. Another procedure you can do is to rub an orange peel onto your teeth every night.

Tooth Decay

Have a calcium rich diet and always make sure to have dairy products every day. Mix mustard oil and salt to make a paste. You must rub it on to your teeth every day. In addition to this, you must avoid sugar intake because it affects the health of the teeth.

Bleeding Gums

You must clean your teeth with twigs of neem, banyan, holy basil and babul to stop the bleeding. You can also massage your gums with a mixture of alum and mustard oil. Rinse with water and alum. You can also chew on guava tree leaves to stop profuse bleeding. Intake of green leafy vegetables and fruits can also help with bleeding gums.

How to Deal With Toothache

You can use til, cinnamon and garlic cloves to deal with toothache. The garlic clove together with pepper powder and clove oil can ease the pain of toothache. A paste composed of bayberry bark as well as vinegar can help with the pain of toothache when applied. You must also avoid drinking soft drinks, heating carbohydrate rich foods and sugar intake as it aggravates tooth decay.

These are just some of the major diseases that can affect you if you have an imbalance in the spiritual energies according to Ayurvedic medicine. It will greatly help you if you learn more about this kind of medicinal practice so that you will know how to deal with dental problems using home based remedies that you can easily make on your own.

It will also help you to find out more about the people who know about this procedure firsthand. This is because you can learn a lot from these people.


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  • Pappu Choudhary

    Pappu Choudhary 30 - December - 2013, at 03:07 AM

  • In my Mouth both side Jaw-teeth problem due to cavity , and Hole and i fill powder paste by dental care but mostly jaw-teeth pain create and my mind so disturb due to, so sir please help me. 9929826868

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  • very useful..........thank you..

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 30 - November - 2011, at 22:04 PM

  • Atul, you can prevent dental caries by maintaining good oral hygiene and can prevent some pain which occurs after having dental cavities by ayurvedic medicines but you can't rejuvenate a decayed tooth. If there is cavity in the tooth, then you have to get it filled by going to the dentist. If you will not get the tooth filled, then the filling will deepen further and cause pain. Its better to get the filling restored asap before it causes any problem.

  • atul

    atul 30 - November - 2011, at 02:08 AM

  • i have a dental cavity in my last jaw tooth at left lower jaw. I do not want to consult dentist because he will drill it further for filling the cavity and I want it to rejuvinate with ayurvedic medicine or treatment . please suggest the panacea for that. Atul gupta

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  • really very good things are hidden in ayurveda very well written

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