Have you ever felt bored by dental x-rays, not knowing what they are for and if they are necessary at all? You may even tend to berate your dentist often in your mind, saying that you cannot afford such a procedure or asking the doctor himself if he or she is trying to ruin your finances silently.  What you do not realize is that x-rays really are important and integral to the overall health diagnosis.

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Your dental x-rays serve as your dentist’s window into the internal condition of your teeth. If you prevent the dentist from doing the x-rays, he or she may not be able to determine if there can possibly be a budding infection that may compromise your physical welfare. Dentists do not just do x-rays just to get more money from you; x-rays need to be done in order to detect any underlying detriments to your dental health.

Facts about Dentists and Dental X-rays

1.    The dentists are aware that you have a tight budget and that you do not have enough money for such expensive dental procedures. If you have dental x-rays, the dentist will be able to detect early stages of possible problems and save you a lot more money on corrective medical procedures.

2.    If you wait for toothache before you go to the dentist, you may end up being too late because pain is usually a sign of a more serious ailment in the body.

3.    As an example let us say that, you would not want an x-ray because it would cost you $50.00. If you get an x-ray and an aberration is detected, it can be treated right after the procedure and it would only cost you about $200 overall plus an additional 2 hours of vacant labour time on your part.

4.    However, if you do not get the X-ray and eventually feel teeth sensitivity or abnormalities in your dental functioning, the necessary procedures to correct this may cost more than $200. If your tooth fell off because of sensitivity and weak gums, you will have to undergo dental x-rays plus various procedures like root canals or crowning depending on the dental diagnosis.

5.    These procedures are certainly pricey and more expensive compared to the simpler procedures they might have undertaken if the abnormality had been discovered in the earlier stages through the x-ray.

Here are the reasons why dentists want their patients to get dental x-rays as regularly as possible.

  1. They want to be able to see what is invisible to the patient. Waiting for the patient to feel something will just increase any possible complication the patient may incur if the condition gets worse.
  2. They want you as the patient to spend lesser hours in the hospital so that you would pay less. The dentists understand that you are on a budget and do not have time to go on a sick leave. This is why through x-rays, they strive to detect any abnormalities to prevent complications that can cause you more harm financially and personally.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - August - 2012, at 02:24 AM

  • Dear RAMESH, If file has been broken while doing the RCT, the first thing to be done is to take an Xray and see its exact location as blind retrieval will lacerate the gingiva. After taking an xray, a specially designed file is taken to retrieve the file. After that thorough irrigation is done using anti-bacterial wash to prevent the infection.


    RAMESH 27 - August - 2012, at 22:31 PM


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