In today’s weak economy, people should be able to think of novel ways to save money even when it comes to dental health care. A root canal can cost up to thousands of dollars just for one operation. Therefore, as much as possible we should prevent ourselves from undergoing these kinds of procedures and start at home.  There are many types of home remedies, which you can do to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Home Care Remedies to Keep Perfect Teeth

Here are various tips you can do to keep your oral hygiene and protect your teeth from cavities.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Brushing your teeth for dental health

This is the most basic among the oral hygiene rules. You must be able to brush your teeth at least two to three times a day to keep it healthy and free from germicidal attacks. It may sound overrated but the simple task of brushing your teeth can save your teeth.

Use Dental Floss

Regular Flossing for Overall Dental Health

Aside from brushing your teeth, it also is very important to floss your teeth right after every meal and before brushing your teeth to remove all excess food particles in between the teeth. This will also help eliminate halitosis. In addition, you must also make it a habit to use a tongue scraper.

Advantages of using a Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scrappers for Good Oral Hygience

Using a tongue scraper in conjunction with the toothbrush and dental floss can give additional protection in terms of oral health. The scraper will aid in removing all the remaining food particles that may have landed onto your tongue. It is advisable to use a tongue scraper right after you brush your teeth.

Here are some of the signs that there are still particles left in your mouth after brushing.

White Tongue

Handling Whitel Tonuge for Healthy Teeth

The white surface of the tongue may be a sign that you still have remaining particles inside your mouth. Scraping your tongue will be the solution to this.

Other Home Remedies to Promote Oral Hygiene

  1. Brush your teeth with baking soda or salt to prevent discoloration. (Yellow teeth)       

  2. Drink as much ascorbic acid ascorbic acid as you can. This will enhance your immune system and protect your teeth from bacterial infection.

  3. Eat vegetables and fruits. This will keep your breath fresh and allow you to have the nutrients you will need to keep your teeth alive and well.

  4. Another nutrient that you will need is calcium. The teeth need calcium to remain healthy and strong. If the teeth are rich in calcium, it will not easily break and cause damage to the gums.

  5. You can also use homemade mouthwashes made from various herbs to serve as your breath freshener. This way, you will be assured of a cheaper and safer alternative than those over-the counter mouthwashes with alcohol content.

These home remedies will surely save you time and money in terms of undergoing major dental operations. Visiting the dentist regularly can also save you cash because they can have the opportunity to detect any dental abnormalities before it worsens in degree.


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