A dental patient coordinator refers to a person that functions as the keeper of all records and schedules of both dentists and their patients. He or she will be the one to coordinate as the terminology suggests, with the patients regarding the setting of appointments as well as keeping the personal files of the patients. The coordinator is also in charge of keeping track of the people who go in and out of the clinic.

Specific Tasks of the Dental Patient Coordinator

1.   The dental patient coordinator assists in doing the following:

2.   Doing office and clerical work for the dental clinic

3.   Schedules surgeries and other procedures

4.   Assists in the benefit verification process as well as other medical and insurance protocols

5.   Acquires x-rays and other test results for the doctor

6.   Does test and procedure precertification

Additional Responsibilities

1.   He or she may also function as the receptionist. In addition to this, he or she takes the initial information from the patient regard what she feels and how the condition has affected her. The coordinator can also perform the initial non-invasive exam for the patient.  

2.   The person is assigned to chart preparation and maintaining of the patient information database. The person should also keep track of the care and maintenance procedure administration. The filing of dental insurance forms is also the coordinator’s job.  

3.   Collection and billing preparation is also one of the responsibilities of the coordinator. He or she must convey to the patient the amount of the bill and the payment schedule as well.

4.   Aside from this, the coordinator also oversees the referrals as well as makes them. He or she can also orient medical students regarding the nature and work requirements of a hospital or a dental clinic.

5.   The coordinator may be asked to perform other duties as assigned. He or she must therefore be able to multitask.

Other Required Characteristics

1.   He or she must have basic medical knowledge; preferably in the field of dentistry.

2.   The coordinator should be tactful and pleasant when dealing with patients. Basic interpersonal skills are required.

3.   Any dental coordinator should have office experience. He or she must be able to file and have an idea about keeping dental records and information.

4.   The coordinator should also have knowledge about insurance protocols.

5.   Computer literacy involving various types of software is necessary.

6.   He or she must also know how to operate simple medical machinery.

7.   He or she must exercise confidentiality

Additional Requirements:  Educational Attainment

A dental patient coordinator does not necessarily have to be a college graduate but this is preferred. Two years of related work experience should be obtained by anyone who wants to apply for the job.

Aside from all these qualifications, being a dental patient coordinator requires patience, compassion and the innate willingness to help others. Remember that you would be dealing with ill people. Therefore, you should always be empathetic and sympathetic towards them.

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