Being a dental receptionist is not as easy as it seems. Many responsibilities come with being a dental receptionist. To be able to handle these responsibilities well you must be able to have innate personality traits that should be inherent to dental receptionists. In this article we will discuss why being a dental receptionist is not an easy job. In addition, we will also find out the pros and cons of being a dental receptionist.

Dental Reception as a Job

Having a job as a dental receptionist is no easy task. This is because of the aforementioned responsibilities that come with the occupation. Here are some of the duties that come with being a dental receptionist.

Clerical and Office Work

Being a dental receptionist requires a certain amount of office maintaining skill. You must have knowledge in typing, filing and other important proficiencies that are necessary for clerical work in the dental field.

Medical Knowledge

You, as a dental receptionist should also have some considerable amount of knowledge in the medical field. This is to ensure that you will be able to handle any type of dental inquiry that the patient may throw your way.

Computer Literacy

It is also necessary for you to have knowledge and skill in utilizing the computer. This is because the computer will be an important tool in keeping track of all the schedules and appointments that the doctors will have with the patients and vice versa.

Educational Background

The dental receptionist in training requires a high school diploma to be able to train as a receptionist. The training will last for a maximum of fifteen days. After which, you will be able to work at the dental facility.


It is best for a dental receptionist to be perceptive and approachable. He or she also has to have basic knowledge in order to understand and sympathize with the patient’s condition. The receptionist must also be able to convey certain information with tact and kindness so as not to shock and frighten the patient.

Other Responsibilities

The dental receptionist may also be required to deal with the patient’s insurance claims. This is why you need to also have basic awareness of insurance policies and how they work. If you can achieve all these traits then you will surely be able to have the position as a dental receptionist in no time.

Advantages of Being a Dental Receptionist

1.   You will be able to work with the best dentists in the land

2.   You will learn a lot about how it is to treat patients

3.   You will be able to save many people and help them deal with their dental condition

You must always remember that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you really put your mind to it and get what you want. Being a dental receptionist may seem menial, but it is a fulfilling job that you will never be ashamed.

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