In today’s modern society, it is very natural for us to see a man or woman puffing a cigar. It is not isolated among older people anymore. However, puffing a cigar may seem harmless at first mainly because it is found to be less concentrated than cigarettes. However, studies have shown that cigars contain more nicotine than the smaller alternative. On this account, cigars may pose as a larger threat than most people have imagined.

In the United States alone there are about 5.1 billion cigars being bought among the younger generation of today. It has become part of the general lifestyle of the majority of the American population may it be women or men and unfortunately even teenagers. Puffing a cigar seems to complete the day for these people.

Negative Effects and Implications

They do not seem to realize the implications that cigar inhalation can do to their health. Here are some of the possible negative effects of cigar inhalation for your health.

The inhaling and exhalation process can attract foreign substances that can affect the major organs of the body such as the following.

  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Heart

If these major organs are affected, the overall functioning of the body can be affected because of the various diseases that will arise due to failure of one or more of these organs. Failure of the lungs can result to asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Heart problems may include palpitations, irregular heartbeats and ultimately, cardiac arrest. Lung cancer is one common problem among smokers as well.

Aside from these organs, other parts of your body may be affected as well such as:

The Bones

Smoking weakens the bones in such a way that it lessens the bone mass density of the skeletal system, which then results to the weakening of the bones that leads to brittleness.

The Quality of Oxygen

The quality of blood oxygen levels may be severely compromised if a person continues to smoke. The nicotine will seep into the blood stream and eventually contaminate the blood which can lead to poisoning.

The Airways

The cigar smoke will eventually constrict the passageways causing the smoker to have difficulty breathing. If this happens there will be a lack of oxygen for the body that may result to major complications such as stroke and heart failure among others.

How can you prevent these various diseases from affecting your system? Here are some tips.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating the right kind of food like fruits and vegetables can strengthen your immune system and protect you from various illnesses.


Exercising regularly can assure you of developing a stronger body that can withstand all the challenges that the world will bring. This coupled with eating a balanced diet can keep you safe from the effects of cigar smoke on a person’s body.

Clean living

If you are able to avoid smoking and drinking, you will surely live longer and have a healthier and more productive life.


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