Headaches refer to the varying degrees of pain that a person feels in his cranial area. This pain may be caused by a multitude of reasons but the most common reason is stress. Many situations in our lives can cause a severe headache. Personal or work related problems can cause severe head pains for a person. In addition to this tension whether physical or psychological can also cause headaches. This is labelled as tension headaches.

  1. One cause of physical tension that can result to tension Headaches is the misalignment of the jaw. This would greatly affect the functioning of your cranium as there are various nerves connected to the brain from the jaw. If the jaw is properly aligned, the mouth and neck muscles will relax and the tension headaches will immediately dissipate.

  2. Another factor that can affect the cranial nerves either negatively or positively is the bite. How you bite and chew your food as well as the position of your teeth affects the condition of your cranial nerves. If the teeth are misaligned it will push the jaw further back and will then cause the neck and jaw muscles to feel the pressure of the misalignment, this will cause severe pain and pressure onto the head.

  3. Certified neuromuscular dentists can help solve these issues by helping the patients achieve the best position for your jaw. A machine is used to determine the degree of activity that the jaw provides when in a certain position. This will then determine the correct and most advisable position for the jaw that will give comfort to the patient.

  4. Aside from this, tension headaches can also be caused by temporomandibular joint disorder that is also the result of the misalignment of the teeth and jaw line. Neuromuscular dentists can also help deal with this kind of condition with the use of the same machine to realign the jaw. If the jaw is properly aligned the teeth will follow suit as well.

Additional Tips for Headache Relief

If you are experiencing various types of pain in your cranium, here are some helpful tips on how to deal with this condition.

Reduce Stress

Do your best to reduce the amount of stress that you tend to experience each day. If you experience work related stress that causes headaches, find out the root cause of your work stress and deal with it immediately.

Take Pain Medication

You can take pain relievers for your headaches. Hoever, make sure that these pain relievers are medically prescribed by the doctors.

Learn to Relax

A certain amount of relaxation can help you relieve stress and therefore reduce your headaches. As mentioned above, headaches can also be due to psychological events that can affect the body and manifest physically through headaches.

These are additional tips as to relieving tension headaches. If these fail and the headaches persist, it is more likely that you indeed are experiencing tension headaches due to a misaligned jaw. You would need to consult a dentist for treatment in this case.

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