There is lots of candy everywhere to satisfy the craving for sweets. All of the special occasions from Christmas to New Year’s all the way until the next yuletide season require sweets. This does not include the sugar infused drinks that we tend to take everyday such as fruit juice, soda and cocoa. Sugar is all around us and is now part of our daily lives. However, it has been blamed for teeth problems repeatedly.

In truth, sugar has nothing to do with tooth decay. It was just given a bad reputation because sugar does create the bacterial by-products that attack the teeth and cause it to decay. Yes. It is the by-products of bacteria that cause tooth decay. The idea of sweets being the cause of tooth decay is just a myth. The succeeding paragraphs shall explain the process further.

Bacterial By-products Defined

First, let us discuss what a by-product means. Being a living organism, bacteria need to ingest materials to live, after ingestion excretion comes naturally. These bacterial excrements turn up as plaque, the plaque, which damages the teeth and eventually causes it to fall out. However in order to survive, bacteria has to eat as stated earlier and sugar is one of the best sources of energy for the organism.

Sugar is the best energy source for bacteria because it is easily burned and has a multitude of possible sources such as chocolates, cotton candy and many other non-chewable sources like sodas and orange juice. Even fruit has sugar. All types of food have sugar, which would then make it easier for bacteria to thrive and live to propagate.

Remember, the more sugar you take the more bacteria you invite into your mouth. Bacteria helps break down the food by breaking down the sugar and other particles and eating them. If they happen to excrete by-products, the plaque and tooth decay will surely follow.

Here are some tips in order to avoid tooth decay

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

This is the most common and truest tip you can receive regarding dental health. If you brush your teeth every day, it will lessen the bacterial exposure of the teeth and the less bacteria, the less tooth decay.

Avoid Sweets

Sugar invites the unwanted bacteria in your mouth. The more sugar that is present in your food, the more bacteria you in your oral cavity.

Visit the Dentist

Do not hesitate to pay a visit to your dentist. This will allow you to get more dental care advice from him or her and give you the chance to have teeth cleaning procedures done to help protect your teeth from bacteria that can cause cavities.

This is the major reason why you need to avoid sweets because it invites the bacteria that cause decay not on account of the sugar. If you brush your teeth regularly, then it would be fine for you to eat as much sweets as you want but if not, you must follow the second tip.


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  • Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson 24 - June - 2015, at 08:06 AM

  • This is great, thank you for sharing this important tip. Most of the people specially kids love sweets like candy. Now I know how to avoid tooth decay.

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