There are many available Internet researches about gingivitis. One site implied that people contract gingivitis through poor dental hygiene alone. This information can be misleading because it may imply that we as people may be safe from gingivitis if we practice better oral hygiene alone, which is clearly not true. Gingivitis can be caused by a multitude of reasons and therefore, the ways to prevent it also are numerous. You can find a lot of websites for the cure of gingivitis.

Factors and Statistics

  1. One site suggested that about 80-90% of Americans contract gingivitis. Another said that the rate goes up to 95%. This information would then suggest a correlation between poor American oral hygiene because of not brushing or flossing their teeth. It is hard to believe that almost 80% of Americans do not brush their teeth.
  2. Most people brush their teeth regularly and still develop it. Dentists can also disprove this statement because based on their years of experience they can say that it is not only brushing and flossing that can save and protect us from gingivitis or other oral diseases for that matter.
  3. Age is also highly unlikely to become a factor for contracting gum disease as there are even teens that have been diagnosed with gum disease at this early age. They were found to have purple gums and some were even deteriorating fast.
  4. Another misguided notion about gum disease is that excessive brushing and flossing can cause bleeding which may lead to gum disease. This is not true. Bleeding gums is already a symptom of gum disease and should therefore be checked out by the dentist. If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, you should go to the dentist right away.

However, if the gum disease has progressed to a more serious problem, the dentist will surely recommend root planning and scaling. It is the process of cleaning out the roots of your teeth and gums to prevent the bacterial infection from spreading.
Deep cleaning can help you deal with this kind of infection. Your dentist will surely recommend that you do this procedure as soon as he or she diagnoses your condition.

What is Deep Cleaning?

  1. It refers to the fusion of root scaling and planning. Planning tends to smooth out the damaged gum surfaces while root scaling is the main process of cleaning the gum pockets that developed due to embedded tartar and plaque.

The Use of Anaesthesia

  1. Using anaesthesia during operation depends on the depth of gum problem. If the dentist sees that the cleaning would have to go deeper than the surface of the gum, he or she might recommend using anaesthesia.
  2. Deep cleaning is important because it can help cure gingivitis by removing the plaque and tartar that has built up under the gums. It can also help rejuvenate the gums and bring back its good health.
Keeping your teeth healthy and clean is the best alternative that you can have against gingivitis. If you are able to keep the bacteria away from your teeth, you will decrease the chances of getting gingivitis. Visiting your dentist for checking and early detection can also help.

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