There are several parents who notice that their child’s teeth are becoming a dark grey and this can be really worrisome. Some dentists inform parents that this is because of the medication. But parents have several questions in their minds about gray discolorations.

The discoloration happens in children because of an antibiotic called tetracycline. The way the drug works is that it changes the color in the tooth and also goes on to change the tooth and the bone growth at the time that it is consumed. Also, this concern can be transferred from mother to child, therefore pregnant and nursing mothers can pass this on to their children.

Right since 1970, the antibiotic tetracycline can be bought without any warning to inform parents, mothers and nursing and pregnant mothers about its harmful effects, especially for children beneath the age of eight. And the latest survey has thrown up that these drops were prescribed almost 55% of the times for children and all of them under the age of eight.

Although in the place like California, this is not much of a concern as things are looked at more carefully however, if you find that you are handed a prescription with the antibiotic on it then it is wise to inquire if it is absolutely necessary for your child to take the drug. The discoloration that occurs due to the consumption of this antibiotic is extremely relentless and goes on to affect the entire tooth structure. In case the antibiotic was used earlier on in the pregnancy then the porcelain jacket of the baby teeth are included. However, if you find that permanent teeth are also affected, then the best way is to be able to get crowns or bonding done to have the concern corrected.

There are people who can be concerned about the loss of sense of taste and wonder if it could be a nutritional problem.

Although very little is ever written or mentioned about taste the best way to get this rectified is to start off on a supplement of zinc. This will allow one to be able to have this problem corrected in a jiffy. Although one must keep in mind that it is not feasible to consume zinc supplements for more than thirty days at a time. The right amounts of zinc can be determined by hair and blood tests to determine its ratio in comparison to copper. In fact, if you have too much of zinc in your body then it can be extremely detrimental.

The most common concern wherein you have numbed taste buds is because of smoking and too much tobacco consumption. All the people who have ever reached out for a cigarette will be able to tell you that this is one way to not be able to taste food until they went about and stopped it. Also, when you eat too many condiments such as salt, pepper, and other spices but not chilly pepper, this goes on to reduce the taste in the mouth. People who have been consuming these in large quantities will not want to agree to it.

Manganese is one crucial mineral and is important to our body as it deals with the way our senses work and also helps us hear, see, taste and smell better. The amount of manganese in your body can be tested with the use of hair analysis and only traces of these are found in people’s hair nowadays. There is a decline in the number of people who have the right amounts of this mineral in their bodies. In fact, people need the right amounts of manganese in their bodies in order to be able to live a completely healthy life. Also, there has been a momentous breakthrough in nutritionists finding a link between vitamin B6 and the taste. Unfortunately, not many people give enough importance to this particular vitamin.

People wonder what could be the cause of the bad breath. There are people who are turned off with the bad breath emitting form people’s mouth and it could go on to ruin the person’s personal and professional life certainly. It could be your husband struggling with bad breath and trying all different kinds of mouthwashes in the market, or your little boy. You might wonder if they are sick. Adelle Davis in his book states that he has been hearing a lot about bad breath and the connection of lack of vitamin B6. If the person is healthy in all other ways then the first thing that you must suspect is decayed teeth and gum problems. In case there is no concern found out here, no cavities, no decay then the next step is to examine the nose and throat. The person could have infected tonsils or sinus.

Also, the person needs to diligently brush and floss their teeth before going to bed. This will make certain that all the bacteria and the food particles are washed away.

The stupidest thing would be for the person to continue to suffer from bad breath without any respite. And mind you, mouthwashes are not going to make the problem go away. Although you might see a different picture on the television that truth is that bad breath does not go away with mouthwashes. Bad breathe requires to be corrected using long term corrective measures rather than short term outcomes.

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