When the bone under the dentures begins to shrink then that is the time when the plates beneath start shifting and they stress on the soft gums and this in turn goes on to cause a great deal of sore spots in the mouth. Lots of people with dentures go on to experience this. This can also come on the facial and lip muscles and force the teeth to become lose and wobbly and form the clacking sound. With greater bone loss, more of the lower jaw locks against the upper jaw. The lower jaw is unable to move backwards. This happens because of the hinge joint and then the only option left is for it to stick out. This gives the person an aged and sunken look at the cheeks.

Even if you were to go ahead and consume vitamins, they are not going to heal the soreness that you will tend to feel inside your mouth. The thing that is needed is a good tissue health. Dentists all around the world are actually surprised to notice the amount of people who have this kind of sore spots underneath their dentures and these have been there for not only several weeks but sometimes even months on end. This is as uncomfortable as having a pebble stuck in your shoe and not being able to remove it. the very first step is to try and remove the concern of the sore spots underneath the dentures.

There are some people who go to the extreme of removing their dentures permanently rather than going through the hassles of dealing with this kind of soreness perpetually. There are others who go to the dentist to get their concern fixed, as it is important to be able to chew your food well in order to lead a healthy life. Some people draw an analogy of a car being serviced because of a flat tire and same is the case with their dentures.

When Dr Wical looked closely at oyster shells and vitamin D and the supply of calcium he found that the denture in patients must be made of good bone meal or calcium lactate and the patient should also be given a dose of cod liver oil capsules to get the necessary amounts of vitamin D and calcium for the benefit of the teeth and gums. A multi vitamin tablet that has all of these will also serve the purpose. this will be extremely beneficial if the person has a lot of shrinkage of the bones.

Most patients that doctors notice use a lot of calcium lactate and then develop high phosphorus levels. Phosphorous is necessary for the use of it in calcium, too much of it will just make the bone withdraw and shrink. High amounts of phosphorus in the body can go ahead to cause osteoporosis and severe bone loss. Same is the case with if you were to consume too much sugar, caffeine and alcohol. The high amounts of phosphorous found in soft drinks is worrisome.

If the amount of phosphorous in the body is really low then one needs to add on more of meat and fish into ones diet as well as 100% whole grains. When people have lost their natural teeth and had dentures implanted, they have had to adopt good eating habits. At times people might think that they can have all the possible sweets now, but that is a misconception. The gums and the ridge on the bones also are prone to bad eating habits. Therefore, even if you don’t have any teeth in your mouth you still need to continue with the good food habits. It is more nutritionally demanding with your dentures on that you continue to eat food that is healthy. Therefore, it is important that you go and adopt good oral hygiene and eating habits that will overall go on to benefit your health too.

In case if you notice severe shrinkage in the gums then the face will collapse and look old and haggard. In that case the patient needs to go back to the dentist and try and restore the jaw structure to as close to normal as possible. This can be made possible by relining the old dentures or one might also need to have new dentures made from scratch.

When one has to deal with popping jaws it can be no laughing matter as it can be an extremely embarrassing situation when you find your jaws popping and clicking away without you having any control on them. When you eat the entire world can hear and you will also have to deal with tremendous amounts of headaches and earaches too. although dentists might not be immediately be able to find the connection but there is certainly a jaw problem. This is the concern with the joint of the jaw. Actually if there were to be a correlation to be drawn then this is just like a sprained ankle. The jaw joint needs rest from talking, eating and however hard you might try to rest it, it is going to be a difficult thing. You will be surprised to note that every minute we swallow and every two minutes whilst asleep. Therefore our jaws hardly get any rest.

The joint injury in the jaw can be caused due to several reasons. This could be an injury or accident or degeneration. Most of the times, almost as high as 95% of the times this is caused due to the misalignment of teeth and they not coming together perfectly. Technical term for this is malocclusion and jaw problem with "Temporo- Mandibular Joint" syndrome. (T.M.J.) in this kind of a case the teeth might look all straight and well aligned but in reality this is not so. This can only be found out when the person bites or chews.

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