All of us go ahead and bite our cheeks and tongue by mistake. But the importance of the tongue and the cheeks is to be able to hold the food between our teeth during the process of mastication. Think of the millions of times that your cheeks or tongues have done this, guided the food in the mouth and held it all together. But there are times when you might bite them by mistake and this can result in swelling. The re-bitten area that is swollen and protruding makes it easier for you to bite it once again.

Now, if you go ahead and bit the same area often enough then it is time that you go and see a dentist. This has got something to do with the way the upper and lower jaws come together. If the dentist finds out that your teeth position is normal then just the slightest of reshaping of the teeth might be necessary. Sometimes what happens is that abnormal teeth do not wear themselves out naturally and this might result in them being sharp and jagged and this in turn might be the result of the biting of the cheek or the jaws. 

This is a very similar concern noticed in horses. Most people who are fine tuned to horses know when it occurs and they have the horse’s teeth filed in order to stop it from happening. If this is not done then there is a likelihood of the horse injuring its cheeks and lips. But, when it comes to people they are petrified of this procedure. Although it is an extremely easy and simple they feel that the dentist might end up ruining the enamel of the teeth in the process. But this is needless as never has any dentist gone ahead and damaged the patient’s enamel of the teeth whilst doing this procedure. However if you leave this neglected then you are bound to have great problems later on and this could even result in the chipping of the teeth and the fracturing of teeth.

Now, if you were to go ahead and damage your tongue, lips and cheeks continuously then you are bound to develop tumorous growths in your mouth. Continuous irritation in the mouth is not good enough as it will lead to a lot of concerns in the future. The cankerous sores in the mouth are a result of vitamin deficiency and not the right amount of nutrition and minerals in your diet. They could also be because of too much of fruit, fruit juices or the inclusion of too many nuts and organic food in your diet too and also the harmless chocolate and eating too much of it.

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