The moment one is told that he has pyorrhea, the very first thing that they think about is if taking Vitamin C will stop it. The disease has not only one cause to it just like all the other diseases. It could be a nutritional imbalance in your diet and most people nowadays do not pay adequate attention to the diet that they consume. All the people unanimously feel that calcium is certainly one of the key ingredients in the food that we eat and is important to be able to keep our jaws and teeth healthy. The disease pyorrhea is sometimes known as the disease of arthritis of the teeth.

The way the pyorrhea works is that it is caused due to the imbalance that occurs from calcium and phosphorus. This could also be that you are consuming too much of calcium far more than your body actually needs. The amounts of calcium and phosphorous in your body is just needed in the right amounts and too much or too little of it is going to be detrimental for your health for certain.

This can happen as one might be going on to select the wrong kinds of foods and the diet hence goes haywire. Too much of sugar, alcohol and caffeine can make this happen. Although our body does try to balance this out but if it continues for a real long time then it is bound to have detrimental repercussions. What then happens is that if the body does not find enough calcium coming by means of diet it is going to get it from the different ways such as from the surrounding bones and teeth. This will thus not be long before the teeth starts becoming wobbly and shaky.

Although pyorrhea is extremely common in the older people one gets to see more and more of it in the young and children nowadays. This is because of the body chemistry amongst the youth. Besides calcium and phosphorous there are other minerals that also play an important role. These are zinc and manganese and lead and mercury too. this was found from the hair analysis that was conducted on a group of people and found that 15 to 20 elements in the hair are needed in order to have the right kind of control over pyorrhea.

When you are dealing with swollen gums that are red and this can especially be around the bands of braces. Although most dentists ensure that the bands are well fitting so that this kind of concern does not occur, it is a good idea to spend enough time in brushing ones teeth so that the food particles from around it are removed. This is really important as it will enable the avoidance of a lot of concerns in the form of cavities and gum diseases. If you are serious about preventing tooth decay then a visit to the dentist every six months is a must.

In spite of following all of this which includes dietary control, supplements of vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables twice a day, if you still have this then there are tablets that help you get the right amount of iodine in your body to control bleeding gums.

The vitamins will help: 500mg C, 25 mg B3, 5 mg B6, and 100 mg niacinamide will help to keep your gums and teeth healthy and strong.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 21 - September - 2011, at 03:32 AM

  • Akbar, gums can become loose due to gum diseases or can become loose due to trauma to the teeth. If the gums have become loose due to gum diseases, then you have to maintain good oral hygiene for this. Deep cleaning or gum surgery may also be required. You have to consult your dentist for this. If teeth have also become loose, then it may be saved by splinting or by capping. You can do warm saline rinses for some relief. Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly so that there are no food deposits around the teeth.

  • akbar shaikh

    akbar shaikh 21 - September - 2011, at 02:49 AM

  • gums have become loose

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