When you were to ask the public and the medical profession both of them would say that dental x-ray pictures show the presence of infection and the amount of it that is present in the tooth. With these x-rays in hand one is able to find out the right kind of treatment that needs to be adopted for the tooth. But, every dentist certainly is aware that the patients with mild or toothaches that are extremely painful do not go ahead to find out the infection using pathological tools such as x-ray pictures.

The mouth does not have enough space within it and the cheeks along with the hard palate and the other facial features serves as a restriction to be able to take an x-ray from the right angle. This results in a change in the image and might not show up any abnormalities and infections easily. Therefore the dental profession is becoming quite an expert in being able to get these problems and difficulties to a bare minimum. This is done by taking all the other possible angles into consideration within the mouth.

Lateral accessory root canals are able to open into the mouth and the behind of the root and this can become infected. Now, this might not be visible on the x-ray that you take of the tooth. This will cause the dentist to remove the tooth and even after that the patient might still have persisting pain in that region. Then on further looking at the site the dentist will find that the infection lay in the tooth that was near the extracted tooth and not in the extracted tooth itself. Therefore, there are several conditions that might not be immediately obvious and remain hidden within.  

That is one of the reason that the patient might be of the impression that the wrong  tooth was extracted by the dentist because there is no going away of the pain. The tooth that was extracted might not have been the infected one and because of the pathology x-ray limitations the problem was not removed. The second tooth, the infected one will continue to ache. This is quite common amongst dental care.

The cracks that develop in one’s teeth, due to injuries and over biting, might be hard to locate only using an x-ray. There are several such kinds of concerns that the dentist needs to take care of and this is what makes the dentist’s profession interesting and far from ever being monotonous.

Dentists are taught how to be able to tell patients who have root canal fillings that they must come in every year or two at maximum, to ascertain that there are no hidden infections in the lateral canals. These cannot be caught in the x-rays. Patients tend not to heed this advice and therefore they might lay themselves open to infections. Also, there are patients who don’t want to expose themselves to radiation time and again and x-rays.

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