Finally after long wait your Orthodontist dentist informs you that it is time for removal of braces, you feel happy with your smile. When the dentist will remove the braces, he will tell you that a retainer needs to be worn to keep the teeth in new place. Wearing of retainer prevents your teeth from moving back to where they started. So wearing of retainers after Orthodontic treatment is very important for ultimate success of this treatment. If you go as per instructions of your dentist then you will have perfect teeth for rest of your life. You donot have to do any special things. Just few normal precautions can keep your retainers trouble free and in great shape which will ultimately help in retaining your teeth at their new place achieved with braces treatment over the long period.

1.   Wear it all the time. You are to wear your retainer 24 hours a day 7 days a week, except when eating, brushing your teeth, and playing some sports. If you do play a high contact sport, wear your mouth guard accordingly without your retainer. With high contact sports your retainer might break. 

At first you may talk a little funny, this will go away with time. Your speech will improve in two to three days. Remember the more you wear your retainer, the better you’ll sound.

2.   Keep it clean - Brush your retainer with toothpaste and cold water every time you brush your teeth. Once a week soak your retainers in a cup of cold water and Efferdent (denture cleaner) at dinner time. This will eliminate white calculus from forming in your retainer. You can find Efferdent at any grocery or drug store. Also, it is very important to get a dental cleaning every 6 months to help keep your smile beautiful. Please bring your retainer to every dental cleaning appointment.

3.   Handle it with care - When you are not wearing your retainers, you must keep them in your case. Do not put them on your lunch tray at school, do not put them in your pocket or purse, and do not leave them on your counter at home. Keep your retainers up and away from pets, they love to chew them. Keeping your retainers in their case will eliminate chances of you throwing them away or breaking. Remember it is very expensive to replace your retainers.  

If there is an accident and your retainers are lost or broken call your dentist immediately! Your dentist needs to see you as soon as possible to fix or replace your retainers. If you do break your retainer do not try to fix it.

Keep your retainers away from extreme heat and hot water. If you drop them on the floor, in the toilet, or want to clean them thoroughly after being sick, all you need is to soak them in a glass of Listerine.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 16 - November - 2011, at 02:24 AM

  • Ashar, Retainers are given to prevent relapse of dental treatment. Your lower teeth might be already straight, that's why your orthodontist must not have felt need of lower retainers. After getting retainers, you are suppose to wear them all the time except during brushing or playing any sport. You have to clean it regularly and you should handle it properly. Keep the retainers away from extreme heat and hot water. Your orthodontist will tell you that for how long you have to wear the retainers. In most of the cases, retainers are to be worn full time initially and after few months, they have to be worn only at night.

  • ashar

    ashar 16 - November - 2011, at 00:55 AM

  • Please tell us about full retainer my Dr. given me only for upper retainer. there is no need for lower retainer my Doctor said .Pl guide me proper. Thanks.

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