There are so many questions that a person has when they sign up for a dental braces treatment. One of the questions that are asked most often is how to make teeth look pearly white. If you are a teenager then it can be a good idea to get colored braces. They not only make the treatment more exciting for you but also go about and make your teeth appear whiter. There is an entire range of Braces colors to choose from. Keep in mind that the color you choose suits your personality and your teeth as you will have to wear these colored braces for the next two years or so. If you aren’t sure which braces color will make your teeth look white then ask the dentist for a color wheel. This will give you a fair enough idea of the possible colors that you could choose from.

Choosing the Braces Colors

Keep the color of your teeth in mind. Different people have different color of teeth. If your teeth are on the yellowish tinge then there might not be all colors that might look good on them. For yellowish colored teeth the best color for braces is silver or invisible. The darker colors on the braces make the paler teeth look whiter. This is one easy rule to remember when choosing your colored braces. The most often color that gets selected for colored braces are black. Try out the black braces first before you order them. Although no doubt that black braces will make your teeth look whiter than what they are because of the contrast they create, they will also go on to ensure that the braces look larger in your mouth than they actually are. Try out other colors that are equally as good as black such as dark blue and maroon. The contrast that they create, of the dark shade versus the light teeth make your teeth look pearly white.

What Color Braces will Make Teeth Look White


The color that you should certainly avoid on your braces is yellow. The yellow of the braces will go on to cast a yellow kind of shadow on your teeth. This will make teeth look yellowish rather than making them look whiter.

When you choose clear braces be careful as they can get stained easily and reflect that color on to your teeth.

 Another good color that you could opt for your braces is red. Red makes the teeth appear far brighter. However, red might not suit all faces. On the other hand the color light blue not only suits all faces but is a good bet to make your teeth look whiter.

 Once you have decided the color for your braces the next step is to keep the color of your braces just the way as you first put them on. Some food such as tea or coffee can actually go on to discolor your braces. This in turn will make your teeth appear discolored and yellowish. Also, too much of acidic food will make the color in your braces to fade.

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  • Raquel

    Raquel 17 - August - 2015, at 01:35 AM

  • I'm getting my braces on in two days and I'm wondering what color I should get I don't want my teeth to look yellow and I'm not sure what color to get ?

  • Anna

    Anna 09 - July - 2015, at 07:58 AM

  • Hello, I have had braces for about 6 months, I have always had Navy Blue until this last month. I decided to try something new and got a silver thinking that it would be less noticeable (I am in my late teens and don't really like going to my college classes with braces on)When I got the silver I was surprised and disappointed to see that it made my teeth look yellow! I think it is because the silver is such a light color. Anyways, I HATE the silver color and wonder what color you would recommend for me? I have Medium Brown hair, Medium Brown eyes, and a VERY pale skin... I am hoping for one that doesn't draw much attention... The navy blue makes my teeth look good, but I'm not sure if it is a color that draws a lot of attention or not... I also have a small mouth, so I'm hesitant to do black in case it would fill my mouth up too much... Sorry that this is so long! Help please!

  • Charlie

    Charlie 16 - April - 2015, at 07:10 AM

  • I need braces soon just need to loose a crupple more baby teeth. I was thinking teal and purpole teal and hot pink teal and clear. What shud I have???!!!!

  • Aurora

    Aurora 21 - March - 2014, at 11:03 AM

  • I have braces and have only been in to change the color twice. So far I have got red and sky blue. I want to know what color looks good on me. I have brownish/blonde hair, hazel eyes and fair/tan skin.

  • Rae

    Rae 20 - October - 2013, at 11:23 AM

  • I am getting braces soon and I have been wondering what color to get. I have red hair and dark green eyes what color would look good, I was thinking a violent or sapphire. Also my school colors are orange and black.. would that look good? I would wanna get school colors once... thank you!! ;)

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