Retainers after braces are also called as next phase after braces. The moment you get your braces off then you move on to the next phase and that is of retainers. The role of the retainers is to help the teeth hold on to their new position and not move to their original position. This will help in correcting the overbite permanently. Retainers are an important part of the braces treatment. The importance of braces treatment can be judged from the fact that the teeth movement results achieved by your Orthodontist can go bad due to non wearing of braces. The braces to be to be worn by everybody but their time span can vary. So don’t think that after your dentist removes the braces, the treatment is over. Retainers are also part and parcel of braces treatment.  

Most orthodontists tend to give their patients removable retainers that they can have on all through the day. This is an essential part of the braces treatment. As soon as your braces come off what should go on are the retainers. The first three to six months is the most important time and this is the time wherein your teeth have a likelihood of moving back to their original position. This is the time that you should have your retainers on permanently day and night. 

Wearing retainers after braces treatment

Once your orthodontist has examined the progress of the treatment, after the first six months of having the retainer on permanently they might recommend that you wear them only at night. This will go on for a long time and then finally, the orthodontist might advice you to wear the retainers only a few nights in a week. This takes several years and therefore you can look at the retainers as a permanent addition in your life.

The thing about retainers is that they help the treatment and its efficacy to hold true. Once you have got your braces off and your teeth in line that is not the end of the treatment. What you need to do now is to go ahead and wear your retainers diligently as recommended by the dentist to ensure that your teeth do remain in line. What sense would it make to have spent so much of time and effort on your teeth and then let them slide back to their original position once again? What you will be left with is the overbite once again.  

Keep your teeth in line   

There are several different options in retainers that you could opt for. This allows you to be able to have retainers that are removable. You can also go for the invisalign retainers that help your teeth stay in line whilst you sleep.

Removable and Permanent Retainers

There are permanent retainers too but they are used on the bottom teeth. These are fixed on to your teeth and help in holding them together. This is an option used by the dentist in case of severe crowding of the teeth or most of the teeth being crooked. The orthodontist will use the retainers as they do not want to take the chances of a relapse in the teeth position occurring.  
 Permanent Retainer option after braces treatment

Permanent versus Removable Retainers

Most clients prefer to have removable retainers on. This not only gives them the flexibility of removing them for special occasions but allows them to brush and floss their teeth perfectly. It also allows them to keep a good hygiene routine.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - November - 2012, at 02:28 AM

  • Hi DORCAS WILSON,Fixed or Permanent retainers should remain for at least 2 years or until growth has completed.After two years,the fixed retainer can be replaced by a removable retainer the patient just wears at night.You can talk to your orthodontist about other options of retaining your tooth positions besides a fixed retainer.Or,ask your orthodontist if he can repair or replace your fixed retainer.The other option for you could be consulting another orthodontist or visiting a dental school near your place.Hope that helps.Good luck!

  • Dorcas Wilson

    Dorcas Wilson 18 - November - 2012, at 04:56 AM

  • I need a ortho that can put in a fixed retainer, my ortho don't do it anymore. New Orthodonist in the office I had my braces put on and remove after 5 years was so rude when my fix retainer came out after 3 years of wearing it. I'm 48 years of age please help. I paid to much money for my braces for my teethe to go back to the 1st stage. Dorcas

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