Braces are considered as a long treatment. Braces treatment usually lasts 18 to 24 months. However some people can be quite worried about the braces that they have on and wonder what could they do to get rid of them really soon. The quicker they are done with the treatment and the braces the better they will feel. They will be able to bare their teeth and smile without feeling the embarrassment of making the braces visible. Though your orthodontist is the best guide for you but still you can do some do’s and don’ts which can help you in getting rid of them earlier or at least your treatment period is not prolonged. Here are a few precautions that you can take to help your braces come off sooner.

Hygiene: ensure that you maintain top notch oral hygiene at all times. Keep your teeth and mouth squeaky clean. You will be quite surprised to hear but the better hygiene that you follow more are the chances of your teeth sliding into the right position quickly.



Do not eat hard food: the more hard food that you eat the more pressure you are going to put on your braces. This will make them work overtime. Whenever you have to eat hard food such as bread crusts, fruits and vegetables. It is a good idea, to chunk them into bite sized pieces and then eat them.



Do not put anything in your mouth and chew on it. when you put things in your mouth such as pencils or pens you go on to damage your braces. This will make you have to go back to the orthodontist and the overall treatment time will be lengthened.



Biting your nails: if you are in the habit of biting your nails or touching your teeth and elastic often then you will find that your braces shift position. This will be detrimental to the treatment and will take you a longer time to complete it. Also, these nervous habits are a good thing if you get rid of them.


Foods to avoid: when you have your braces on avoid food that is sticky and sugary. It is going to stick on to your teeth and damage the braces. It might even cause severe tooth decay.



Follow the orthodontist’s recommendations down to the last letter. When you have the braces on ensure that you do exactly as the orthodontist tells you to. Follow the cleaning instructions that the dentist gives you. This will help in being able to propel the treatment right ahead and get your braces off faster. Make certain that you keep the rubber bands at the right recommended tension.

If you do all the right things then your braces are going to be off even before you know it. The good thing then is that you will have the kind of teeth that you have always wanted to and you will never hesitate to smile. Once your braces are off it will certainly be worth the wait and you will appreciate your decision of choosing braces.

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  • halle

    halle 29 - April - 2014, at 16:16 PM

  • Hi! So my daughter, Nahla, just found out she will need braces. She is very excited. I will make sure to follow every step. Down to the last letter! Thank you very much. Make sure to follow me on twitter @TheRealHalleB And instagram @TheHalleBerry Thanks a bunch! Chow for now!

  • gezeralda

    gezeralda 29 - April - 2014, at 16:10 PM

  • i followed all these steps and the orthodontist said i needed more time. maybe i just have bad teeth. please help!! i have them on for six more months. WHY!!!!!!!!

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