When you go to an orthodontist now you will be offered several options in the choice of braces and hidden braces are one amongst them. A few years ago this would have actually been unheard of. At that point of time, about five years from now, the most popular braces were ceramic ones. They were a far better option than the metallic ones but still they were visible and not hidden.

Ceramic Dental Braces

Most people shy away from having braces on because of the way they will make them look. That is the number one fear of people when the orthodontist asks them to wear braces. But, now the braces are almost invisible. You need not worry about the ugly looking olden kind of braces in your mouth.

Options for Invisible Braces 

The use of invisalign braces is the latest in braces technology. It ensures that you are able to use braces without the use of the ugly metal brackets. These invisalign cost a wee bit more than the other traditional braces but it is money worth spending. Without the metal brackets it will be hard to notice whether you have actually worn braces.


The thing with invisalign is that they might not be suited for all patients and all kinds of teeth. If that is the case with your teeth then you can go on to consider the use of iBraces. These braces put brackets behind your teeth. This means that they are not visible from the outside. IBraces have become extremely popular and several athletes and celebrities have worn them to get their teeth in line. Lingual braces are the perfect kind of hidden braces to get your teeth not only in line but also be able to smile without the ugly braces or metal brackets showing. They are perfect for people who are overly concerned about their looks. Also they are suitable for most people unlike the invisalign. 



Invisalign Braces                                 Lingual Dental Braces


As the demand for these kinds of braces increase more and more of them are being introduced in the market. There are newer versions of brackets being introduced in the market rather than the traditional metal or ceramic ones. These brackets are absolutely light and transparent which makes wearing of braces seem really nondescript.


There are several different options in front of a patient in these days. If you are interested in hidden braces then go on and ask your doctor and they will recommend the right ones for you. This will allow you to hide your braces from the world. Also, based on the kind of budget that you have you will be able to choose the best option for yourself.


However, people who have a grave case of overbite or under bite will have to stick to the traditional metal braces as they will be able to ensure that the teeth are in a straight line at the end of the treatment.


The best thing about the latest technology being used in orthodontist is the use of clear braces. Based on this more and more companies are beginning to produce them. So go ahead and discuss with your Orthodontist and he will help you in choosing right braces for you.

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