A cross bite is when the lower teeth occur on the wrong side of the upper tooth this can be in the case of just one tooth or several teeth. The thing is that as an adult the treatment and procedure that might have worked as a child might not be that effective. The way the crossbite is corrected in adults is by the use of a palatal expander. The purpose of the palate expander is to widen the upper palate so that the teeth fall in place and the cross bite gets automatically corrected.

Diagnosis of a crossbite

You will be surprised to note about how very common a crossbite is. It occurs most times in adults and several times people aren’t even aware about it. The worst cases of crossbite will start affecting your speech patterns. You will not be able to chew well at the same time, when people have a minor crossbite it can be left unaddressed. 


Moderate to severe crossbites

If an adult has moderate to severe cross bite then it needs to be fixed as it will not only affect their facial appearance but also chewing and speech. There is a cross bite surgery that can have the concern about the cross bite fixed once and for all.


Although a dentist will not recommend the surgery right away. The first thing that they will recommend is that you try out braces and the palate expander. This is not as sure a success bet as in the case of a surgery.



The next option is to use an invisalign to fix the crossbite. There are several different options that a person has in case of a crossbite. You need to discuss the options and what is most suited in your case and for your particular situation. A variety of methods can be tried out before you are able to correct the cross bite.


There are several different options for choosing braces from in order to get ones teeth in line with the upper and lower jaw. The ceramic to metal braces and the invisible ones are all equally effective. The invisible braces are the ones most opted for as they allow you to be able to bare your smile and not be conscious about having braces on.


There are several adults who start facing problems in adulthood with their cross bite and want to have it fixed. There is the option of lingual braces or a palate expansion surgery option. The non-surgical option is slow and does not guarantee you results. Whereas in the surgical option it will be corrected right away and the results are guaranteed.


The one thing to keep in mind is that the sooner you have the cross bite corrected the better will it be for you. This will ensure that the cross bite does not impeach and affect your life any longer.

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