More and more orthodontists are opting to use a headgear in order to treat an overbite in a growing patient. This is a specifically used treatment to get an overbite set right. The headgear that is used for orthodontist’s use is nothing but a metal device. It actually looks like a small computer microphone. The metal arch surrounds the head in two parts. This is then connected to each side of the ears and joins near the lips. This is used to apply pressure to the lower lips and jaws and control the growth of the lower jaw. The headgear functions in being able to bring the upper jaw in sync with the lower jaw. 

Vertical overbite : This is where the front top teeth are overlapping the lower teeth.  


Horizontal overbite: is when the front teeth are protruding a bit too much out of the mouth. A patient need not have only one kind of overbite. Both the kinds of overbites might be present in a single patient.  

Use of the headgear 

The time that the headgear takes to correct the overbite depends on several factors. One of the

most important of factors is that of what kind of overbite you have. There are predominantly two kinds of overbites?

The orthodontist will use the headgear depending on the condition of the overbite. The time taken for the headgear to be able to cure it depends on how severe it is and the method that is adopted by the orthodontist. Usually the treatment takes about six to fifteen months for the overbite to be corrected. This is again depending on the number of hours that you wear the headgear. The orthodontist will recommend that you wear it for a minimum of ten hours per day and up to fifteen hours if you want to see results in your overbite. This depends on the method and the orthodontist’s discretion after a complete clinical examination of your teeth. The best way to overcome an overbite is to go to a renowned orthodontist and then follow exactly what they recommend.


Who can use the Headgear


The use of the headgear is not right for all the patients. Patients whose bones are still growing will do really well by using the headgear to correct the overbite. The child might feel a little bit of discomfort initially when they wear the headgear. But, most children can cope really well with the headgear within a few hours of having it on.


Safety measures with a headgear on


In order for your child to feel comfortable and avoid soreness and discomfort that might be caused with the first time use of a headgear, give them a soft diet. Advise the child not to take the headgear on and off too many times. This can go on to further cause discomfort. Ask your orthodontist for suggestions about managing the headgear discomfort. Before long your child would have got used to it.


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