You might wonder if it is really possible to straighten your teeth and have them in a pearly row without having to wear braces. A few years ago if you had buck teeth or uneven teeth then your only option of getting them straightened was to opt for braces. This is considered to be quite cumbersome as it involves the painful process of wearing braces. However this is a thing of the past. This will spare you from having to wear braces for years. You now do have the option of being able to cut short the process of straightening your teeth and not go through the painful and long drawn out process of having to wear braces. And yet go on to have the best of teeth.

The latest is the use of invisalign in place of the traditional braces that have always been used. The way the invisalign is made is that it has a set of retainer like mouthpieces. The role of these are to ensure that your teeth are straight and in a row. It takes about a year to straighten out your teeth by using invisalign and sparing yourself the use of braces. However, the flip side to invisalign is that they work well on teeth with minor misplacement.

Another option for you could be the use of veneers. The use of veneers ensures that you are able to apply them directly to your teeth and you won’t have to deal with the old imperfect row of teeth any longer. There are two different kinds of veneers that you can choose from which are either porcelain or composite. You can discuss it further with the orthodontist regarding whether it will be the right kind of thing to opt for, for your kind of teeth.

If your teeth are overcrowded then you might be able to go for cosmetic contouring rather than having braces on. This is an absolutely pain free process and will have your teeth reshaped by a cosmetic dentist. Within a visit or two to the dentist you will be done. Therefore, it does not take that long a process as with braces.

There are removable orthodontic appliances that you can wear at night or on specific days. These though work best on the upper row of teeth. If you want to avoid the use of braces then this might work out to be a good enough option to talk over with the orthodontist.

There are retainers that can help correct the alignment of the teeth. Ask your dentist if one of these can be designed specifically for your teeth. However, keep in mind that most of these techniques work for people who need minor corrections to their teeth. In case they need major straightening of the teeth then they might not be the right kind of candidate for this kind of procedure. If you have already worn braces for a while and then given up on them, then this kind of procedure will work fine for you.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - September - 2011, at 10:59 AM

  • Cosmetic conturing depends on type of irregular teeth present. it can vary from selective grinding to getting veneers or crowns. it can be done with composite builtups also. I have googled and found that in North India, the cost varies from procedure to procedure. For composite buitups it is around INR 2K to 5k per tooth. Veneers and crowns vary from INR 4k to 9k depending on the type of crown. You have to really google and find out the place around the city you have written.

  • Monika

    Monika 05 - September - 2011, at 03:28 AM

  • how much cost is cosmetic contouring for irregular teeth and in north india where it can be done especailly in chandigarh

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