After taking first bite of steaming hot pizza or drinking initial sip of hot coffee, we experience pain across the roof of the mouth because of the burn caused by the hot cheese, liquid.

Treatment for Pizza Palate Burns, Home Remedies and Prevention of Palate Burns

‘Minor burns to the hot food’ is a common experience. The palate can also be burnt due to various other hot liquids or even foods; but called as pizza palate as is caused mostly by the pizza and considered as the most common culprit.

Pizza Palate burns

The cheese on top holds in the heat. Pizza can be upto 200 dregee F when put in the mouth. A pizza burn will heal on its own. Of all the parts of the body, mouth has the greatest healing potential. Almost all the cells of the mouth turn over almost every few days.


Symptoms of Mouth Burn

1.     The palate of the patient will be tender and can even blister in some cases. The affected area probably will feel raw and slightly swollen and will have raised sensation.   

symptoms of pizza palate                    

2.     In the worst cases, it may even lead to damaged taste buds on the tongue.

3.     Depending on the severity, these may heal in 5-10 days.  

symptoms of pizza palate burn                         

4.     The swollen palate is very discomforting and patient will have uneasy feeling. It is important to treat the sore palate otherwise condition can worsen and can lead to abscess.

Diagnosis of Mouth Burn

Though the dentist can notice clinically that the palate is reddened and blistered, but besides this can also be diagnosed by asking patient if he had eaten hot pizza , overly hot food or drink in the last few days and if the palate hurts.                                 

     Pizza Palate blisters

Prevention Of Mouth Burns

1.     Pizza burn’s recurrence can be best avoided by prevention. One should make sure that the food or drink isn't too hot before taking a bite or a sip. One must take additional care while savoring the microwave heated liquids or foods as they can be hotter than usually expected. Preferably, one must wait for the hot foods to get a little cooler including sauces, cheese, or the hot beverages. 

care during eating pizza

2.     Hot slices of pizza must always be eaten with a fork and knife. This prevents the hot and melted cheese from directly coming in contact with mouth’s sensitive palate.

eating hot pizza

3.     Always determine the hotness of a fried food before taking a bite. Be cautious when you are about to eat any hot food.

Treatment of Mouth Burns

Certain home remedial measures can be effective for treating mouth’s sore roof. However, if there is no relief, it is always recommended to seek medical help.

Home remedies for treating the sores in the mouth’s roof and the palate include:

1.   Water forms the best remedy for burns. Drinking cold water is always recommended after you experience such a burn. Additionally, holding the water in the mouth for some time will also be helpful to soothe the burn.

2.   There is a thin lining of the soft tissue that covers the palate. Thus, there are increased chances that blisters are formed due to a pizza burn. Also, there can be seen a flap of the damaged tissue hanging from the roof. In such a case, the ice cubes must be rubbed over the area for relief and for avoiding swelling and pain.

3.   When convenient, gargles and regular rinsing with salt water also provides relief. The salt water serves to be an antiseptic and frees the area of any infection; while leeching out the excess fluids.

4.   Sugar also brings relief. After the burn, it is recommended to swallow some sugar and let it dissolve slowly in the mouth. Honey, being a natural antiseptic, will also deliver soothing results as it develops a coating over the affected area.

5.   Rinsing mouth with cold milk also provides relief as it forms a coating over the affected area.

6.   Your palate certainly needs some time to recover, though you can find relief from pain, swelling, and burning sensation.

7.   It will be required of you to avoid any hot, spicy, or citrus foods till the time your burns heel completely. 

8.   Cooler drinks or meals will be a better option at such times.

9.   Avoid hot meals and hot drinks for a couple of days till your burns disappear completely.

10.   Immediately consult a doctor if the burnt area remains tender and sensitive even after a week. You might need some antiseptics or topical analgesics.

11.   You can take some painkillers such as ‘acetaminophen’ twice a day to get relief from pain on account of the palatal sore.

12.   Vitamin B-Complex supplements also help speed the recovery process for the sore roof.

13.   If the sore roof is developed due to caner sores, salt water gargles offer relief.

14.   Application of fluocinonide gel (Lidex) provides relief for canker sores

15.   Orabase – a commercial product for maintain oral health – can also be applied over the affected area in the mouth.

To Seek a Medical Help

If soreness and blistering of the palate still persists, one should see medical assistance.

Should Contact a doctor in the following c

1.   If Condition still persists even after trying the remedies for more than two weeks.

2.   If sore palate develops after taking new medications.

3.   If a person has a weak immune system condition including cancer or HIV.

4.   If large white patches are visible on the palate.

5.   If symptoms worsen, and skin rashes occur and a person experiences trouble while swallowing coupled with fever and a sore palate.

Prognosis of Mouth Burn

It has excellent prognosis if proper care is taken at correct time.

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