Taking off your orthodontic brackets is really much faster and easier than placing them on your teeth. In order to take off your braces, your dental specialist will smoothly press each individual brace with an appropriate plier in order to detach the brace from the tooth.

If you do not have a special mix of ceramic brackets, which should break in general cases, the braces normally comes off in one piece. If you wear special bands that fit around each teeth, your dental specialist will utilize an appropriate plier to smoothly take off the band. Often times the bands will come off quickly; but there are cases when the cement that keeps the bands to the tooth is really hard. So, you may experience some tension when your dental specialist takes off the band.

Taking off the brackets is not a painful procedure and generally it is done within no time. Once your brackets are taken off, most probably will be some sediment glue or cement on your teeth. The dental specialist may grind off large particles of glue or cement with an appropriate plier.

After this procedure a polishing substance will be utilized to take off the old particles without destroying your teeth. Relying on the nature of the polishing substance your dental specialist utilizes and how good your teeth are, you may feel a small sensitivity as the particles of glue or cement is being taken off.

This procedure generally consumes some minutes. Most dental patients do not feel any sensitivity. Taking off the particles is normally carried out in less than five minutes.
Once your brackets are out, its time for the dental specialist to kick in to maintain your teeth straight, you normally get your appliance at the same moment that you get your brackets off. There are several different types of appliances used by dental specialists.

They are bonded appliances, Hawley type appliances, invisalign or invisible type appliances. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages. The type of appliance you obtain will relay in part in how your teeth appeared before brackets and in part on your dental specialist´s suggestion on which kind of appliance he thinks most agreeable using.

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