Pregnant women may not notice that there are some changes in their body other that the most prevalent ones. Studies show that there are significant changes happening also in the dental aspect that a woman may go through during her pregnancy. Instead of trying to stop visiting the dentist’s office during pregnancy, it is advised that they should continue to have a regular check up in order to make sure that they will not be facing any dental issues that may have negative effect for the baby as well as the mother.

One of the most common dental problems during pregnancy is the occurrence of gingivitis. This type of gingivitis is actually the same as the ordinary gingivitis. There is an increase mobility of the teeth during this period that can lead to this problem. Common symptoms of gingivitis are bleeding gums, redness and inflammation. Almost all pregnant women will usually experience this kind of oral health issue. To avoid this, they should follow some proper oral hygiene. Dentists are the best persons that can offer the best advice concerning this. Dental tumors on the other hand are not really prevalent among pregnant women. The symptoms of dental tumors are growing tissues in the mouth which are usually red or purple, and painless but may be bleeding. They should not be worried because dental tumors during pregnancy are not actually cancerous. However, in case there is severe bleeding or if it really interferes with eating, then it is advisable that to get it removed surgically.

Gingivitis during pregnancy can last until three months after the delivery of the child. On the other hand, the dental tumors will usually subside after the delivery of the child.

Oral health issues during pregnancy can be avoidable. Regular checkup as well as routine dental hygiene even before the pregnancy can really help in making sure that these will not happen to pregnant women. They should make the best effort to make sure that the growing child will be safe. As many psychologists would say, what the mother does while the child is still in the womb has great impact on the child’s behavior; so as early as they are still in the womb, mothers are advised to teach them proper and correct hygiene.

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