Many times is has been seen that the teeth relapse to there pervious uneven position. The orthodontist can never guarantee that the teeth will not move no matter how excellent they are at there job. The teeth keep changing there alignment as they grow older. There are three types of Retainers Hawley appliances, Bonded, and Clear shell retainers. The orthodontist selects one of these keeping in mind all the factors involved in a treatment.

The orthodontic secret is putting the teeth in artistic, practical, and steady arrangement that is possible keeping in mind each individual's bit problems. In some case extraction, jaw surgery and even headgear is required. Orthodontist keeps multiple factors in mind like muscular balance and skeletal structure to achieve a better balance of the teeth and the mouth.  Nevertheless it is always better to have a bad set of enhanced teeth then to have the original crooked position.

The tooth alignment should be stable after a couple of years in retainers, despite the fact that proper dental and skeletal problems all have shifting tendencies to recoil. Some teeth will require retention forever.

There is no guarantee that the patient’s teeth will remain as the day the braces came off, it is definitely much easier to keep them straight rather than to re-straighten them after movement. Retainers are a method to insure that they stay as close to the actual result as possible. Retainers will be required to be worn for 2 or 3 nights a week.  In reality many people lose, stop wearing or break their retainers and go free, but they are willing to sacrifice their original correction for the freedom.

After just about two or more years, depending on individual patient’s, of wearing retainer comes the post retention stage.  Unless there is a problem with a particularly unevenness in the patients teeth visits are on a needed basis, If the patient’s losses or breaks their retainer and decides that a new one will not be required. They should be fully aware of their teeth’s space or crowding or rotations, any changes which may concerns they should contact the orthodontist.  

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