It would be quite hard for elderly people who may be suffering from some manual dexterity issues to thoroughly clean their mouth through brushing or perhaps through the use of dental floss. Same is true with patients who are suffering from some kind of mental illness. Dry mouth and lack of saliva actually reduce the protective mechanism of the mouth which may result to cavities, periodontal disease and plaque accumulation; and that in turn can have negative impact on the health of the patient.

For this reason, dental practitioners find a way to solve the issue of dental problems, usually associated with special-needs patient and elderly people, and caused by improper hygiene. They found out that tooth-bleaching agent has the capability to improve their oral health. These issues can be remedied by applying urea peroxide tooth whitener on a mouth tray that is customized to fit into the patient’s mouth. It is noted that the teeth of those using this procedure have a really clean teeth and it even improved their gingival health. The original usage of urea peroxide chemical was only as mouth antiseptic, in order to remove bacteria and plaques.

The urea peroxide gel may be purchased in any pharmacy or dental clinics or they can be prescribed also by family dentist. Though this is already a good discovery, more researches are needed to really perfect it. But for the meantime it is already a good remedy to have custom-made mouth tray that people with oral issues can comfortably wear. It is also a challenge for dentist to look for better ways to really improve the over all dental health care of people.

Indeed, having proper dental care can really solve a lot of problems and it can even save a lot of money. It is advisable always to have regular dental check up in order to avoid more dental damage that may even lead to tooth extraction. When teeth are protected and saved while at young age, it is expected that there will be lesser issues as the person grows old. This line, ‘prevention is better than cure, still holds true.

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