Dental implants or tooth implants can be a great option for a person and make them look good right away. However, these dental implants are not bereft of their own problems. There are several problems that dental implants can bring along with them, although the success rate of dental implants in the modern scenario with the use of modern technology is really high.

The first thing that you need to check out for with dental implants is the infection that is linked with it. This could be either during the time of the dental implant or the crown restoration. If you have poor oral hygiene then you are more likely to be plagued by these dental linked infections. This is a concern as it can infect the bone area and cause major concerns of bone loss. Also, if the infection spreads then the implant might also be rejected by the body.
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The next problem is not enough amount of bone mass. If there is not enough bone mass in the jaw then the tooth implant will not be able to bond right. The good thing is that early detection of it will be able to harness the concern and ensure that the dental implant is implemented perfectly.
The other risk factor for dental implants is if you are a smoker. There are more chances of the risks associated with dental implants to be aggravated if you are a smoker. Therefore, dentists urge patients to quit smoking before they undergo the dental implant treatment.
The next problem associated with dental implants is based on the patient’s overall health condition. If the patient has diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure then the bone growth might be impaired due to bad blood supply.
Lastly, if the tooth implant is fixed too soon and that is because of the dentists not waiting long enough, then it could be a problem. This can result in a dental implant failure that could have been easily avoided. The pressure that is felt and needs support for the tooth should be of the right kind so as to give ample of support to the dental implant.
Most patients love to go in for dental implants and even dentists recommend them widely as they serve as one of the most effective of ways to go about replacing missing teeth and overcoming problems that are associated with it. Also, they enable one to have the most fascinating of aesthetics and smile. However, it is not that dental implants are not linked with underlying problems but with due care one can overcome those.
These dental implants are considered to be the best of alternative to missing teeth. You can go on to have one single implant or a series of them done. If it is done with the right kind of expertise and skill then you will not have to face any of the underlying concerns that are associated with them.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - April - 2012, at 00:05 AM

  • Hi Randle,though i would suggest you to visit the dentist who did the procedure but it seems that the healing might not have occurred properly due to loose graft. The most possible treatment is to remove the implant and replace it with slightly larger implant or there are chances that your dentist might add a bone graft and allow it to heal for 6 months. There are few things to be taken care of after getting implants like quit smoking as it accelerates the chances of implant failure, maintain proper oral hygiene and taking special care of your diabetes if you are diabetic. So, my "take home" message is to consult your dentist as early as possible.

  • Randle

    Randle 23 - April - 2012, at 10:11 AM

  • I got 3 implants for dentures fall of 2011 the 2 side ones healed great gums grew around the posts, however the middle implant had no gums grow around it, this left a hole around the implant and food gets stuck there. How do I get this fixed.

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