Brides want to look their best at their wedding which includes their smiles.  They would certainly include cosmetic dentistry in their run up to the big day. Anyone for that matter will be able to improve their social lives flashing their beautiful white smiles thanks to cosmetic dental treatments, according to your needs and purse.

Cosmetic dentistry has seen rapid growth in recent times and it is now possible to change your smile totally within short durations such as a lunch break.  The range of treatments includes adult orthodontics, veneers and cosmetic bonding in addition to the most popular teeth whitening treatment. The celebrities and royals are not an exception to this phenomenon.

Kate Middleton too resorted to some dental treatment by way of preparation to her wedding to Prince Williams.  Her pictures on her engagement are said to show a good difference from what her pictures taken last year.  They clearly go to prove that she has had some orthodontic treatments, not to forget some impressive whitening treatment as well. The whole world watched her dazzling smile lighting up the royal engagement.

Reportedly, the dazzling smile of Kate at her royal engagement is the outcome of a superb dental job done just before her big day.  Soon after the announcement of the royal wedding, Kate Middleton swiftly sprung into action in a bid to get herself well groomed for the big occasion with some restorative dental treatments.  According to reports, she consulted the orthodontist Dr. Didier Fillion at Wimple Street in London for a  teeth whitening makeover.

Who is Dr. Fillion

French born Dr. Fillion practices in London and also has practices in Geneva and Paris.  He flies to London twice a week to help patients with his orthodontic expertise.  His clinic in London is known as The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic. Dr. Fillion is a specialist in the method of applying braces from behind the teeth so that they remain invisible.  Two years ago, he developed his own new method using 3D digital technology with a laboratory located in South Korea. Dr. Fillion is the only ­practitioner in the world who sues this method. The highlight of this method is that it is more precise and reduces the duration for wearing the brace by several months.

Kate Middleton visited this clinic a year ago for a consultation costing £100.  Though Kate had her conventional brace at the age of 12, the problem of a noticeable gap between her two front teeth still remained till recently.  As is visible from her engagement photographs, her smile has become sparkling and beautiful in such a short time, because of the series of teeth whitening treatments. The credit of making her smile perfect and gleaming goes to Dr. Fillion, according to the Daily Mail.

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