Kate Middleton charmed a million hearts with her radiant smile as she posed for the official engagement pictures. The future queen Catherine has had a little help from restorative dentistry in ensuring the royal pearly whites continue to dazzle and shine. Kate, who is known to have worn conventional braces till the age of twelve, has consulted a famous French orthodontist Dr Didier Fallion, in London, to make her smile picture perfect, ahead of her big day. Kate has gone in for teeth whitening and treatment for correcting the gap between her front teeth.

Dr Didier Fillion, a dentist of French ancestry, practices in Paris and Geneva and flies down to London twice a week for consultation. He has offices in London’s Wimpole street, where the to –be Royal bride has availed of his expertise. The treatment does not come cheap- at GBP 100 per consultation, Kate has spent a large amount on her dental work. The good doctor charges upward of GBP 300 for upper teeth braces and GBP 600 for braces on the upper and lower jaws. Among his other celebrity clients is Kelly Brook.

The innovative technique pioneered by Dr Didier Fallion at a South Korean laboratory where he worked for a number of years is a revolutionary innovation in restorative dentistry. It consists of invisible braces which stay on behind the teeth. He makes use of 3D digital technology to precisely pinpoint the problem and design customized braces to correct localized problem areas. The entire treatment lasts between 6 months- 2 years but effectively cuts down the period of treatment by 4-5 months.

What exactly is restorative dentistry? It is a combination of restoring dental health while cosmetically enhancing the beauty of teeth. Restorative dentistry has elements of cosmetic surgery in its practice. As on date, this branch of dentistry while not officially recognized by the American Dental Association, broadly comes under prosthodontics with other aesthetic dentistry procedures like veneers, bridges and implants. It calls for a high degree of skill on the part of the practitioner and is slowly gaining favor among celebrities.


The restorative dentistry prescribed for Kate Middleton is akin to Invisalign which is popular in the USA. It is a method of straightening teeth with the use of a series of transparent, nearly invisible, detachable aligners. These aligners can be worn for 3-4 hours daily and it is thought that Kate Middleton has been wearing them all night for around 6 months. Dentists use a clinical treatment plan with proprietary 3-D, computer-generated software to create sets of distinctive, specially made aligners that gradually move teeth into place.

That Kate Middleton’s money has been well spent is proven by her smile being voted the smile of the year in a recent UK women’s survey.

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