In the run up to the wedding of the year, Kate Middleton’s radiant smile has been the focus of much media attention. While her poise, clothes, diction and diet have received much media attention, there have been reports in the media that Kate has had expensive teeth whitening treatment. London is increasingly becoming the Dental capital of the world and Kate Middleton found it convenient to have her treatment in the city where she lives and works. 

The future Queen Catherine’s pearly whites are thought to be the handwork of renowned French dentist, Dr Dider Fillion.  Dr Didier Fillion practices in Paris and Geneva but also consults from his offices in London’s Wimpole Street. The doctor is the only one who practices this method of cosmetic dentistry.  He uses a 3D digital technology he developed with a laboratory in South Korea.

With the royal couple being under media scrutiny 24/7, there is immense pressure on Kate and William to look perfect at all times. A winning smile adds to a person’s self confidence. Kate is thought to be an irregular smoker and was concerned about the slight nicotine stains on her teeth.She also had a gap between her front teeth which was noticeable in her earlier photographs. Like any other soon –to –be bride, Kate wants to look perfect on the big day and has opted for a course of restorative dentistry.

What exactly is restorative dentistry? It is a combination of restoring dental health while cosmetically enhancing the beauty of teeth. Restorative dentistry has elements of cosmetic surgery in its practice. As on date, this branch of dentistry while not officially recognized by the American Dental Association, broadly comes under prosthodontics with other aesthetic dentistry procedures like veneers, bridges and implants. It calls for a high degree of skill on the part of the practitioner and is slowly gaining favor among celebrities.

Procedure for teeth whitening: 

Kate Middleton is reported to have had her course of teeth whitening done after hr sister Philippa reported spectacular results from the same treatment at the clinic. The dentist administers the course tailored according to degree of yellowing and teeth sensitivity in the patient. This treatment is expensive and very effective. In addition to removing surface stains, it also bleaches the existing color of the teeth to whiten them beyond their natural tint. The bleaching solution is stronger than the other methods, and the treatment time is very short.
As a follow up to the treatment, Kate is thought of to have used a whitening tray. In this procedure, the dentist supplies the patient with a tray based upon a cast of the patient’s teeth. The tray is filled with a medical whitening gel and fitted over the teeth for a few hours everyday. The gel prevents further yellowing and gives a glossy look to the teeth. 

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