Drinking of occasional soda does not have any adverse effect on human body. However excessive drinking of soda or soft drinks or colas or aerated drinks can be harmful for your body. There are many ways in which sodas can affect  your body. These can be minor, moderate to severe. In case you cannot overcome your habit of excessive sodas then read this.


Usually, people who are captivated by soft drinks and have them often actually go on to rob themselves of healthy food alternatives and these results in undernourishment.

These soft drinks affect the gastrointestinal tract and loss of appetite. Eventually, these people tend to survive only on soft drinks and hardly eat the right kind and amount of food. This goes several different kinds of health concerns such as retarded growth, physiological problems, digestive concerns, ruins the linings of the mouth, pharynx and esophagus because of the exposure to these acids. Most people become habituated to reaching out for soft drinks to get relief from acidity or after a real heavy meal.  The phosphoric acid in the soft drink actually impairs the functioning of the hydrochloric acid in the stomach which can aid digestion and further aggravates the situation. This makes the food remain undigested in the stomach and go on to cause indigestion, bloating and flatulence. Therefore, people who have acidity should not be reaching out for soft drinks as a solution as it is only going to enhance the concern.

Soft Drinks affect Kidneys

Kidneys are less able to get rid of the phosphoric acid from soft drinks. This is because of the excessive amount that they are in. The extra burden on the kidneys results in them working overtime and results in health concerns. Soft drinks deplete the calcium levels from the body and surplus amounts of calcium land up in the kidneys. This can lead to a condition called nephrolithiasis or kidney stones.

Outcome on Skin with Soft Drinks

More of acid in the blood and the outcome is on the action of glutathione. This is an antioxidant enzyme. Soft drinks are empty calories with no vitamins and minerals to them. The more soft drinks you reach out for the less of healthy alternatives such as fresh juices, milk and even water will you drink. Gradually, this will take away the needed necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy skin and bring on wrinkles and aging of the skin.

Effect on Bones with Excessive use of Soft Drinks

Phosphoric acid that is present in real large quantities in soft drinks is greatly poisonous. You won’t believe this but detergent manufacturing industries use the very same phosphoric acid as a water softener. The way the water softener and removes hard water ions from water. The way it works in the human body is to remove the calcium that is so very important for the body and make one prone to osteoporosis and brittle bones.

Result of Caffeine

The add-on of caffeine in soft drinks is on purpose so that people get addicted to soft drinks. Moreover, the caffeine in soft drinks is more easily absorbed than if it were to be in any other drink say coffee or tea. Caffeine has several bad consequences and one of the major ones is sleep disturbance. This is because caffeine has that impact of stimulating the nervous system. Caffeine affects women differently; it makes premenstrual syndrome worse, causes loss of water from the body and aggravates the production of acids in th stomach which lead to hyperacidity. Also, the sleep patterns are interfered with due to caffeine and the body is more likely to produce C-reactive protein which can cause heart disease.

How to Prevent or Minimize effect of Cold Drinks

The best thing is to make certain that the soft drink does not come in contact with your teeth and harm it. Use a straw to drink the soft drink. Also, after you drink it ensure that you rinse your mouth with water.

The harmful effects of the ingredients in soft drinks are extremely detrimental to one’s health. The impact depends on the genetic makeup that one has and the body strength. If you have an onset of chronic diseases then this could have been brought on by the consumption of too many soft drinks. They can be extremely destructive to one’s health. Also, bad food habits can go on to aggravate the situation further.

There are other physiological outcomes of too many soft drinks which result in early aging. As early as in the 1500's, the Spanish colonists noticed that the Indians of South America could combat exhaustion by chewing the leaves of the coca shrub. However, this observation wasn’t used until later. By 1860, in Germany, crystals of cocaine were mined from coca. Then, they began to use it in beverages as a stimulant. By the 1880’s, an enormously popular cocaine-laced wine called the Vin Mariani was made that contained about 30 mg. of cocaine in five ounces.

Another non alcoholic drink was introduced in Atlanta, USA around 1880 in encash the thirsty throats in hot summers. Coca Cola the ever so popular drink has cocaine from the coca plant and lots of caffeine from the kola bean. The other things that it had was sugar in large quantities, harmful caramel coloring, lime juice, citric acid, phosphoric acid, nutmeg, coriander, neroli that is the orange flavoring, and cinnamon.


The new beverage was first sold as syrup that could be mixed with cold soda water and a scoop of vanilla ice cream added to it. This was the birth of coke float.

In the year 1906, the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed, and this was the time when officials went on to showcase Coca Cola to be something that one could get addicted to and in turn was bad for one’s health. By 1922, it was claimed that a child who drinks about 3 to 4 cokes a day is going to suffer from bad health perpetually.
The truth is:

  1. In the US highway patrol carry two gallons of Coke in the truck as it is used to wash blood after a car accident.

  2. You can immerse a T-bone steak in coke and it will disintegrate within two days.

  3. If you want to clean your toilet then pour a can of Coca-Cola and see how the stains disappear due to the acidic content found in it.

  4. Rust spots can removed from chrome car bumpers using cola.

  5. Corrosion from car battery terminals can be cleaned using Coca-Cola over the terminals

  6. To loosen a rusted bolt all that you need is a cloth dipped in Coca-Cola.

  7. To bake a moist ham use Coca-Cola to marinate it and then wrap the ham in aluminum foil.

  8. To remove grease from clothes use a can of coke, detergent, and wash them in the washing machine the way you usually do so. The ingredients in Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains and ensure that your clothes come out spotlessly clean.

  9. The phosphoric acid found in coke can dissolve a nail in approximately 4 days.

  10. If you wish to carry Coca-Cola syrup in the concentrated form in a commercial truck then a Hazardous material card needs to be places as it is a highly corrosive material.

  11. Coke has been in use to clean engines of trucks since the last 20 years or so.


The right amounts of information are not available on the harmful impact of soft drinks and what the regular consumption of it can lead to. The attitudes and beliefs of the youth need to be noted down and research conducted in it. There are several changes that need to take place and innovation put into place where the consumption of soft drinks is concerned.

The need is monitoring the impact of soft drinks on several different things including the environment, people, youth, health and so forth and noting them down.

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