Since times immemorial people have wanted to have straight and well-aligned teeth to ensure that they are able to look their very best. You will be quite astonished about how long ago did people use wires to get their teeth straight and in a line. The Egyptians are the first ones to be credited with this. They made wires from catgut, which were so very similar to the modern day brackets that dentists continue to use even today.

As more and more advancements are made in the field of dental braces on a regular basis you certainly can’t think of what kind of advanced technology will be used in the next generation of dental braces. All the technology that is put to use is of a optimum kind that puts the patients right on top of the list. What is seen is that they have least amount of discomfort and are able to get their teeth in line in the least amount of time? Another factor that is kept in mind is the realignment options that are there and the cost that is involved so as to make dental braces affordable to one and all. The dental braces of today are extremely patient friendly and have certainly come a long way since the time that the Egyptians used them with the thread got from the gut of sheep or goat. The new age appliances that one gets to use with dental braces is so very advanced that you can hardly notice that the person has worn braces and also the treatment does not go on to take the number of years that it used to in the previous years..Initially only the metallic braces were available which look very unaesthetic and so many people they do not go for the braces treatment because of that but now ceramic braces are available which are tooth colored with tooth colored wire which is quite aesthetic looking. The option of lingual braces is also available in which the braces are put on the back side of the teeth. There is invisalign also which are transparent set of plates and can be worn or removed at the patient’s will.Invisalign treatment is ideal for corporate or the high profile patients like models or film stars. The new dental braces are the perfect way to guarantee you one of the most wonderful of smiles.

In the history of dental treatment there are two men who are named predominantly. One of them is Norman W. Kingsley who made a great study of malocclusions and went on to write a book called "Treatise on Oral Deformities" in the year 1880.

There was other dentist called Dr. Farrar who went on to create brace appliances. He was the first dentist who applied force to the teeth in order to get them in the position that made them look straight. This was a great idea in enabling the teeth to shift to the right position that made the smile a perfect one. Then, in the year 1890 the very first dental braces were seen.

Dr. Edward Angle has been rightly called the "Father of Modern Orthodontics," as he was the first dentist to showcase the connection of dental health and the teeth being in a straight line.

In the year 1900, Dr. Angle and a team of dentists started the American Association of Orthodontists and in the year 1901, they began the first school of orthodontics. Dental braces have really come a long way from the time that they first came into being and have helped scores of people get the dream smile for themselves.

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