Mercury emits vapors into the air, when liquid mercury spills it separates into droplets releasing more vapors making it difficult to collect. The vapor is very toxic, odorless and colorless, very small amounts of mercury can release enough vapor to make the air harmful. The longer people breath in the toxic fumes, the greater the danger to their health.

Various Precautions which can be taken to prevent toxicity from mercury spills and their management are:
  1. Don’t move or disturb mercury get supervised help.
  2. Isolate the area from human contact.
  3. Turn off air conditioner or central heating.
  4. Don’t use vacuum to clean up mercury, the mercury will spread the vapor into the air increasing contamination and exposure, the vacuum contaminated spreading mercury.
  5. Don’t use broom to clean up mercury, mercury breaks to smaller droplets spreading them.
  6. Never pour mercury down the drain, bacteria will promote methyl mercury increasing toxicity and what goes down the drain may poison fish and pollute water.
  7. Never use paintbrush to clean up mercury.
  8. Never allow people whose shoes may be contaminated with mercury to walk around or leave the spill area until the mercury-contaminated items have been removed.

Silver Amalgam Dental Filling


A spill is considered small if there are less than 10 grams of mercury present. Small spills can be cleaned safely using commercially available mercury kits.


A mercury spill is considered large if there are more than 10 grams of mercury present. Cleanup of large mercury spills requires use of an experienced environmental contractor who specializes in toxic spill cleanup.

Hence the final conclusion is that mercury in dental amalgam is perfectly safe in the oral cavity the side effects or adverse effects can arise only when mercury is not handled properly in the dental clinic. From this we conclude that mercury in dental amalgam is one of the SAFEST, DURABLE AND LEAST EXPENSIVE MATERIALS TO FILL A CAVITY.

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