the common problem that associated with the composite restoration .. the different between the composite and amalgam restoration..

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 07 - December - 2017, at 06:34 AM

  • Composite restorations are very commonly used these days. Earlier composite restorations used to have lot of problems. It used to fracture, there was shrinkage and the most common problem with composite restoration used to be the sensitivity. Quiet often patient after getting the composite restoration used to feel hot and cold sensations. In that case sometimes filling had to be redone. The other problem with composite restoration was that to use it, lot of steps has to be done and this material is very technique sensitive. If during restoration the isolation is not done properly the filling failure is there. But with advancement in techmques and material all these problems are taken care. Now the composite restorations are kind of ideal restorations. It has good strength, no shrinkage, no sensitivity and now for doing composite the steps are also reduced. Though still it is techniques sensitive. Proper isolation is must for composite restorations. Now coming to difference between the amalgam and composite restoration. They are entirely different. Amalgam is a metallic filling with silver and copper as the main ingredient. Earlier amalgam restorations were used. But they are not tooth coloured. Amalgam restorations are grey black in colour. That is why composite restorations are used. Secondly the success of amalgam filling depends upon the proper tooth cutting and if the decay is small even then proper cavity has to be made to give proper retention and the strength to the filing. Unlike composite in which  etchant and bond is used to give the retention not the cavity cutting, Amalgam gets the retention by the shape of the cavity. In case of composite we can save the tooth as the material bounds to tooth  by  etching and bonding but in case of amalgam we have to cut a specific amount of tooth. There are many other differences like amalgam filling takes time for the final setting but composite sets as they are light cured. The main difference being the esthetics. The composite restoration material comes in different shade and we can match the shades but the amalgam restorations are very unaesthetic looking. In case of Amalgam restoration there is a controversy about the Mercury which is an ingredient of amalgam filling. Some says that amalgam filling should not be used as it can cause mercury toxicity but other school of thought is that amalgam is safe as mercury doe not leaches out. For more info on fillings you can visit the following link on our website…..

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